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360 Degree Data Engineering Services to create intelligent enterprises

Saxon helps companies modernize data infrastructure, reimagine analytics, and transform businesses to stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

We help our client organizations design, build and run insight-driven organizations to launch new products and services, deliver operational excellence, achieve competitive agility and growth using the power of analytics. Our comprehensive data engineering and our broad range of solution offerings services include: manage data, delivering information, improving performance, optimizing insights, amplifying intelligence, building capabilities, and managing data environments for our customers.

Saxon’s team members comprising data engineers, data scientists, data visualization experts, and project managers, make sure they place the right choices in front of the customers. Our data engineering services will help any organization to replace their expensive, legacy data infrastructure and transform big data pipelines into robust systems ready to deliver business analytics. We work 24×7 to ensure the high availability of actionable data for your business decision-makers. With the growing need and consumption for analytics by all stakeholders across the industry, data engineering will become the lever that will move the enterprise to its future. Let us craft that lever for your organization.

How can we help you?

Consulting Services

Cloud Data Engineering Advisory & Consulting Services

Our data engineers help you clarify your data and analytics vision; design a comprehensive strategy across the cloud, define data quality and governance pillars; make the right choice of technology, and modernize your data platforms.

  • Data Infrastructure and Analytics needs assessment
  • Data Platform Modernization Roadmap & Recommendations
  • Data Quality & Governance Guidelines
  • DataOps and MLOps
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    Data Migration Services

    Data Migration

    Data migration is always a risky proposition to undertake but is the foundation of any data modernization program. The constant change in data size, volume, and variety directly influence data storage and its migration from one platform to another.

    As the cloud evolves and becomes the most obvious choice for organizations forcing migration, our experience has shown that a smooth migration is only possible when you have the right team that can bring in the right process, experience, and tools.

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    Master Data Management

    Master Data

    Saxon helps businesses to create a centralized data management hub for enterprise and customer data. Our ability to model, match, synchronize, cleanse, and enrich data points across multiple systems and applications has helped enterprises to provide superior customer experience and improve internal performance.

    Our Master Data Management Services & Solutions makes it effortless for any organization to manage high volumes of data and ensure consistency and accuracy.

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    Data Infrastructure

    Data Infrastructure & Platform Modernization

    Legacy data infrastructure and platforms come at a high cost to any organization, often limiting their ability to build products and services using leading-edge technologies to serve their customer base. Legacy systems near the end of life are also expensive and do not scale to the needs of businesses, which are becoming highly customer-centric. It’s time for enterprises to rethink their technology landscapes and modernize legacy data platforms to offer personalized products and services that create customer delight. Saxon, in partnership with vendors like Microsoft, Snowflake & Rivery, can build and deliver future-ready infrastructure.

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    Data Governance Services

    Data Governance

    The explosion of data volume, velocity, and variety has brought newer data governance and compliance challenges over the last decade. The key here is the availability of data stewardship which ensures that is protected at the source level, can protect from data theft and erosion of trust in the business. Data can completely derail the organization when it isn’t architected, stored, or retrieved as per governance laws and standards. But when data governance is solid and holistic, it becomes a decisive competitive advantage for the business.

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    Reporting, Analytics & Visualization

    Reporting, Analytics & Visualization

    As organizations rely on data-driven insights for decision-making at all levels, separating the signal from the noise is essential. Data visualization is the art of unlocking the story that your data wants to narrate. Saxon delivers effective visualization using extensible modern data platforms and agile framework, which is critical to unlock silos of information and drive the transformation to become an intelligent enterprise. Organizations have long relied on our data visualization stories to spot business trends, measure the business’s health, and predict demand for products and services.

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    Data Ops

    Data Ops

    In the age of continuous business and technology disruption, significant investments in data science and ML operations are inevitable for businesses. Not every business is born equal and can afford to be truly data-driven; more than fifty percent of data engineering projects never reach their full potential. Saxon’s DataOps as a Service is offered as a combination of a multi-cloud big-data/data-analytics management platform and managed services around harnessing and processing the data. We provide scalable, purpose-built big data platforms that adhere to best data privacy, security, and governance practices using DataOps components. Our DataOps reduces the cycle time of data science projects and deliver actionable real-time insights.

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