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A powerful blend of key business enablers: actionable insights, workflow automation, and business apps. Transform your ideas into impactful solutions.

Data, insights, and automation are crucial to transform any business process in today’s digital world. Customizing and building business apps rapidly for a constantly evolving business ecosystem can only maximize your value. What if a single platform can meet all these needs?

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Microsoft Power Platform is a one-stop shop for democratizing your data estate, creating, analyzing, and automating your business apps. Leveraging Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps, you can gain actionable insights, improve productivity with workflows automation, and everyone in your organization can build apps in hours.
As a Microsoft Power Platform partner, we enable enterprises to build applications rapidly using low-code, take advantage of real-time insights and ensure that the processes are efficient. We leverage our expertise to bring agility to your business processes while you focus on business growth.

Microsoft Power Platform is worth more than the sum of the core products

Power Platform is a comprehensive solution for many of your enterprise needs. It is a collection of products that can connect data through Dataverse, streamline your workflows, and deliver insight to accelerate your decisions. The robust platform has four products:

Power BI – Quick insights for informed decisions

With Power BI, you can seamlessly connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify your data preparation process, and create personalized dashboards to provide a 360-degree view of your organization. Scalability is another advantage of Power BI. You can scale your data models to derive actionable insights from any data format. Our Power BI experts can accelerate your time to insights. Now you can develop dashboards in hours rather than days using our InsightBox

Power Automate – Time-saving workflows to enhance your productivity

Our experts can help you create automated workflows to orchestrate your people, systems, and services. Secure workflows can be built leveraging a no-code-guided environment. You can also leverage pre-built AI capabilities to automate repetitive tasks. Integration remains a challenge in workflow automation; Power Automate has pre-built connectors to resolve this.

Power Apps – Anyone can be a citizen developer to build business apps

We can turn any idea into a scalable app in no time for every stakeholder in your organization. Power apps is a low-code visual interface for any user to enable data integration, build app functionalities. What about user experience? Users can customize every detail of the app by using a simple drag and drop designer. Optimize the application for every role and scenario so that you can be sure of security and functionality.

Power Virtual Agent – Resolve common issues with conversational chatbots

Let us know your common customer and internal business issues, and we can help you build a conversational chatbot tailor-fit for your needs. Respond to your customers in a personalized way by anticipating their needs. Create a virtual in-store assistant for seamless customer experience in your online store, website, and social channels. A no-code-guided visual interface in the product can create powerful chatbots without any dependency on developers.

Microsoft Power Platform to alleviate the value of data

Every organization is now embracing data for every business decision. Now that you have all the data, what do you do? Analyze the data, derive insights, and set actions, automate repetitive tasks.

In simple terms – ‘Analyze, Act and Automate.’ Individual services in Power Platform addresses each of them independently, but a combination of services can only ensure a successful transformation.

A Forrester Total Economic Impact study says that Microsoft Power Platform can reduce application development cost and effort by 70%, ongoing application management and maintenance cost by 38%, and improve worker productivity by 15%. The facts become a game-changer only if Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agent are used collectively for transformation.

Microsoft Power Platform

Why is Microsoft Power Platform the best choice?

AI builder for more capabilities

AI Builder, the new ability, predicts outcomes for better business performance. It is again a point-and-click interface that everyone in the organization can leverage.

An enterprise-grade platform for every need, unified dashboards from any data source, rapid application modernization, and workflow automation.

Managing the front-end of any application is relatively easy compared to connecting data from different sources. Microsoft Power App connectors ease the data storage services and enable connectors seamlessly.


As your business grows, you get the flexibility to adapt to your technology needs. Processing, technical infrastructure may not be an issue with the platform; you can do it seamlessly.

You can build your apps in hours, generate the needed dashboard in hours, automate your processes in no time. All these, in a nutshell, accelerate your time to market.

The Saxon’s advantage

  • Derive the best value from the platform with our consulting, development, integration, and data and analytics services,
  • Our solution ‘InsightBox’ can help you create dashboards with simple clicks to save you 100s of hours of effort. You can leverage an extensive collection of our pre-built templates customized for every business challenge and industry.
  • Our experts are poised to ensure the best ROI for your tech investments and accelerate the time to value, the key to thriving in the new normal.

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Meet the Expert

Vibhuti is not just an ordinary Power Platform technology evangelist but a true pioneer in her field. From the very inception of the Power Platform, she has been at the forefront, passionately advocating for its adoption and transformational potential. Throughout her career, Vibhuti has played a pivotal role in numerous client success stories, demonstrating the power of low-code development and its ability to revolutionize businesses. Armed with extensive hands-on knowledge of Microsoft offerings, she has become a trusted advisor for organizations across various industries. Her ability to understand complex business problems and provide innovative solutions has made her an invaluable asset to her clients. By leveraging her expertise and the capabilities of the Power Platform, Vibhuti has been instrumental in developing accelerators and proposing tailored solutions that have brought about tangible results and streamlined processes for companies. She is always eager to explore and understand the latest developments in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This constant quest for knowledge empowers her to identify opportunities for intelligent automation and propose cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for businesses.