Microsoft teams app development

Leverage Microsoft Teams App Development as Microsoft teams is the new Operating System (OS) for enterprises

As the modern workplace is constantly upgrading at a rapid pace, it has brought in new challenges for companies to solve. These challenges require custom solutions that can address the challenge effectively, easy to access and integrate. 

Enterprises have the challenge to address app and data silos. This calls for a unified ecosystem that ensures seamless data flowing across apps. Since Microsoft teams is the new enterprise OS, it’s critical to leverage Microsoft Teams App development and workflows built on it.

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45% have implemented/implementing web-based collaboration solutions at scale.

39% stated that workforce collaboration was one of the top 3 challenges they face.

Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork and a central platform that improves how teams collaborate and communicate. By leveraging Microsoft Teams App development, you can expand your business models, automate workflows, address challenges efficiently, and increase your overall performance.

20M+ daily active Teams users

500,000+ organizations use Teams

91 Fortune 100 companies use Teams

Teams is in 181 markets

Currently supports for 53 languages (and growing)

200+ organizations have 10,000+ active Teams users

Teams: For enhanced collaboration

Teams is where people connect and collaborate

  • Integrates apps, services, and people seamlessly.
  • Communicate through chat, video calls, and virtual meetings.
  • Work with assurance with enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability.

Microsoft Teams App Development - Benefits

  • 1
    Improved Productivity
  • 2
    Faster decisions
  • 3
    Improved focus eliminating to switch apps
  • 4
    Better workplace collaboration
  • 5
    Automate workflows

What can we build for you?

We can build apps for simple time-consuming tasks to complex solutions improving your organizational collaboration, connectivity, and productivity.


Seamless Data Transfer

Building apps in a unified interface like Microsoft teams helps seamless data transfer across applications, resulting in a data silos free workplace.


Incorporate functionality

You can make your app more accessible to discover by embedding your existing single-page apps or building apps from scratch on Teams


Trigger workflows from conversations

Build apps to put your conversations into action.

Kick-off workflows or complete action by accessing the workflows inside of teams.


Collaborate on tasks in external systems into teams

Custom apps can bring information into Teams from some external systems.

Now you can have conversations around it.

Enable your users to search and use it on demand

Make it available in a comprehensive web view.


Notify using teams

Losing track of emails?

Now you can notify on teams.

Send notifications to users, channel, activity feed, or anyone who subscribes to them.

How do we do it?

Your journey towards increased collaboration starts here.


Give us your use case


We carefully craft your custom app


Adding rich interactions , Building proactive experiences


Packaging, Testing


Meet the Expert

Vibhuti is not just an ordinary Power Platform technology evangelist but a true pioneer in her field. From the very inception of the Power Platform, she has been at the forefront, passionately advocating for its adoption and transformational potential. Throughout her career, Vibhuti has played a pivotal role in numerous client success stories, demonstrating the power of low-code development and its ability to revolutionize businesses. Armed with extensive hands-on knowledge of Microsoft offerings, she has become a trusted advisor for organizations across various industries. Her ability to understand complex business problems and provide innovative solutions has made her an invaluable asset to her clients. By leveraging her expertise and the capabilities of the Power Platform, Vibhuti has been instrumental in developing accelerators and proposing tailored solutions that have brought about tangible results and streamlined processes for companies. She is always eager to explore and understand the latest developments in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This constant quest for knowledge empowers her to identify opportunities for intelligent automation and propose cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for businesses.