Low-code/No-code Development

Rapid development, simple approach, collaborative synergies between business and IT teams. Scalable and flexible applications using a simple visual interface.

In this continuously evolving digital world, it has become necessary to rapidly build applications that can be flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient. Application modernization with low-code platforms like Microsoft Power Platform can help you realize efficiencies with agility. Low code platforms offer an easy visual drag and drop interface to enable your business teams to create apps without any technical expertise.
The growing trend of citizen developers also addresses the tech skill gaps for most businesses. As per Gartner, by 2024, low-code development will account for 65% of the overall application development activity.
Our experts at Saxon help you accelerate your digital transformation journey while equipping you with next-gen approaches like low-code development. We continue to enhance your processes, optimize costs, fasten your insights journey leveraging RPA, low-code, and AI&ML. Let us look at the benefits of low-code development to give you more insights into the approach.

Benefits of Low-code Development

Lower cost, deployment time, and minimal technical assistance

You will no longer need technical experts for application development; citizen developers can do. Your business time can do it, lowering your costs and deployment time.

More resilience while integrating
legacy systems

Low-code development brings in more agility to application development. Rapid development while also being resilient when modernizing your legacy systems.

Rapid solutions by your business teams

Low-code platforms are powered by a visual drag and drop interface to create solutions by business teams in no time. APIs, integrations, and automation are also implicit in the platforms.

The business idea to app automation in minutes

Whether customization or development of complex apps, low-code will equip your citizen developers with powerful tools to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Improves team productivity

Low-code development enables business teams to develop apps without relying much on IT teams. Ideation to implementation is done in a few days improving overall team productivity.

Software development democratized

Data analysis, Machine Learning is not on the learning curve for everyone. Many of these are in-built with low-code platforms, and you need not be a data scientist to leverage them.

Low-code/No-code development – How do we do it?

We at Saxon follow a four-step approach to maximize your value from low-code development.

Step 1


Our strategic team collaborates with our client to identify opportunities across business functions for low-code development. Leveraging the use cases from our partners like Microsoft Power Platform, we test our solutions that can fit our clients’ needs.

Step 2


We develop a roadmap for your digital business models and automation using a low-code platform. Establishing a vision with any technology modernization to fit your needs is crucial for the success of any implementation.

Step 3


Leveraging our strengths, we enable you with the necessary workflows, integrations, and business functions to deliver value in your application modernization journey. We simplify every stage of app development while accelerating your digital transformation journey.

Step 4

Review and scaling up

We review every process we set up using low-code and improvise on data management, workflows, APIs, and connectors. Our experts analyze the advantages of pre-built functionalities in low-code and custom functions to accelerate your time-to-market.

Introducing InsightBox

A data platform that accelerates the journey of data to actionable intelligence.

InsightBox is designed to address your organization’s data needs, connecting any data sources and translating them to an organized data environment, better visualization, prediction, and decision-making. Industry and function-specific library of reports/dashboards help you get started with your dashboard in just a day.
Efficiency at the nucleus, this platform is designed to reduce time to data, increase data visibility and facilitate better decision making.


Why do the best brands trust us?

Data Quality
Exceptional platform integration expertise

Knowledge and excellence are the greatest assets of our experts, and we constantly leverage them for the best benefit of our clients. Our experts have skills across different low-code platforms and provide outstanding solutions for any challenge that you may encounter.

Exclusive partnerships
Exclusive partnerships

Our partner’s ecosystem is varied, but the end goal is to visualize efficiencies in your data management, processes and to equip you with the next-gen tech stack. A few of them are Rivery, Automation Anywhere, Snowflake, and Microsoft Power Platform.

Digital Transformation Accelerators
Digital Transformation Accelerators

A faster digital transformation delights your stakeholders and creates better value than digital transformation. Our experts constantly rethink your processes and business functions to accelerate your digital journey.


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