Visualize Your Data Into Meaningful Stories

Our data visualization services transform your data into the interactive and customized dashboards of business intelligence. We bridge the gap between your organizational data and the stories it says.

Data always has a story to tell, and data visualization helps in weaving those stories into an intuitive and interactive dashboard. We at Saxon facilitate effective decision-making by turning your data into business intelligence dashboards tailored to your business requirements. Our experience of connecting any business KPI and data source back us in delivering better dashboards and automated the entire process, reducing dependency on manual data feeding work.

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Why Saxon?

We design our data visualization solutions based on your business requirements and existing data architecture. We were instrumental in overcoming past data challenges, non-insightful reports, and data complexity using our intelligent, intuitive, and interactive visualization services.

Customized Dashboard Development

Better visualization can tell you more about your data. Give your business intelligence and data analytics more power with data visualization. We are in the business of designing and developing 100% customized data dashboards for any KPI and any data source across industries of all sizes. Enhancing data accessibility, amplifying the decision-making, and maximizing ROI are the key outcomes we deliver.

Dashboard Optimization

More sources, more data, too much information in dashboards is a harsh reality. Visualize the performance of critical KPIs using customizable, intuitive, and intelligent visualization capabilities, along with drill-downs to get to the relevant data. We ensure an optimized dashboard visualization helping enterprises with seamless data insights on your device (Web or Mobile) in real-time, reducing the load time and improving interaction.

Data Preparation

Data preparation is essential for getting data sets available for business insights. It comprises data collection, data cleansing, and consolidating raw data to turn them into business intelligence.

Data Platform Development

We help you develop a next-generation data platform that allows enterprises to access intelligence across departments without any delay. Data Platform modernization with innovative methods helps you in decision-making.

How You Can Utilize Our Data Visualization Services

Data Filtration

Dig deep to filter the data and get vital details from various departments. It helps organizations visualize the filtered dashboards. For instance, you can filter your monthly sales report by channels to interpret which channel is performing and which is not.

From Complex to Ease

We offer data visualization services to enterprises enabling all users to get more sense from the raw data. We turn them into interactive dashboards with graphics, charts, tables, maps, etc.

Enterprise Customized Reports

Reports vary for every enterprise and role. For instance, CEOs need KPIs from all organization departments in the report, while managers need to view their teams’ performance report only. Therefore, we develop intuitive and customized business reports for every user in the organization.

Self-Service Reporting

All stakeholders will have access to vital insights without any dependency. It will help them to build a data-driven culture in the organization.

How do we do it?

Our team of data scientists having experience in generating ROI for the clients will lead the entire process. We help you build a data-driven culture where every stakeholder has access to vital insights to make better decisions. Our data scientists help you implement a research and development strategy to finalize the best data visualization approach throughout your data journey.

  • 1
    Data Collection
    Collecting the data sets from various departments is the first step of data visualization. We need to make sure we are gathering the correct data and consolidating it.
  • 2
    Data Cleansing
    Wrong data costs U.S companies three trillion dollars per year, according to IBM. Data cleansing is the most crucial step to ensure the quality of the data, and we ensure data accuracy before proceeding ahead for data visualization.
  • 3
    Data Modelling
    When visualizing your data sets, we apply innovative data mapping and data modeling techniques based on the requirements. Our customized data visualization services allow you to choose the visual chart and graph depending on the insights you want to be highlighted. We play around with various graphs and charts before selecting the best one for your data sets.
  • 4
    Data Visualization
    In the final stage, we will implement the data visualization solutions and represent them in the graphs with insights.

Why Do Our Clients Love Us

Our agile team of data scientists brings cross-industry expertise to every project. Depending on the requirements, they develop and implement customized data visualization solutions. For your bespoke data visualization services, Saxon is the solution. Our services rely on innovative data modeling and mapping methods to collect and distribute insights across platforms.

Profound Expertise

We have been helping enterprises of all sizes in their data journey for more than 20 years. We are partnered with leading technology enterprises to deliver excellence.

Customized Solutions

We turn your unorganized data into organized and visually engaging data insights based on the requirements. We offer a customized dashboard to all stakeholders to access insights related to their departments.

Support and Maintenance

Our team will help you to manage your data sets with continuous optimization in the data strategy. We will be there throughout your data journey, ensuring your get the most out of your data.