Intelligent Business Apps

Enable seamless collaboration, communication, and experience with Intelligent Business Applications.

How do you transform your business processes for efficiencies and productivity gains? We firmly believe that Cloud is an enabler, data culture is the driver, and AI-powered conversations, workflows, and task enablers are the differentiators. Our Intelligent Business Applications will differentiate your conversations, workflows, and processes for sustainable business growth.


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Intelligent Business Applications - What do we offer?

Ai led Transformation ​

AI-led Transformation

Transform your customer service and improve efficiency and productivity in every interaction with Microsoft Cognitive services and task-focused AI. Intelligent business assistants centered around Conversational AI.

Intelligent Business Apps ​

Intelligent Business Apps

Leveraging AI, Automation and Analytics, we build/enable/enhance your business apps as per your need and transform them with intelligent workflows. Intelligent business apps integrate with your existing enterprise tools for seamless collaboration and productivity.


Intelligent Automation

Efficiently scan, analyze and understand your documents on Azure by leveraging Cognitive services, NLP, and ML services. Create intelligent workflows to automate your conversations powered by Azure Bots and Virtual Assistants.


Actionable Analytics

Scale up your chatbots and document processing abilities as per business challenges. Leverage advanced algorithms from Azure ML or customize it with our experts to enhance your insights-driven business decisions.

How do we do it?

SAXON offers a suite of solutions to accelerate your adoption and development of intelligent business applications.

We Build​

  • Our developers, with their extensive knowledge, rewire the approach to application delivery by incorporating cloud-native architectures
  • Truly scalable enterprise apps at different levels powered by AI, analytics and automation
  • Intelligent business apps that help you manage complexities while unlocking velocity


No matter your knowledge scape, 

  • We can enable your enterprise applications to be intelligent business applications
  • Build custom applications for your organization that you can use across multiple channels within the organization
  • Build industry-specific/function-specific intelligent applications for your customers.


We enable and build scalable applications owing to your increasing needs. 

Our Solution Accelerator

Intelligent Business Applications in a Week 

We can build/enhance/enable intelligent applications for your business needs with higher efficiency in just a week. 

Our Approach  

We partner with your team and understand your business requirements. We craft a strategy to give you visible results and your journey with us starts here. 

Intelligent Business Applications

Meet the Expert

Vibhuti is not just an ordinary Power Platform technology evangelist but a true pioneer in her field. From the very inception of the Power Platform, she has been at the forefront, passionately advocating for its adoption and transformational potential. Throughout her career, Vibhuti has played a pivotal role in numerous client success stories, demonstrating the power of low-code development and its ability to revolutionize businesses. Armed with extensive hands-on knowledge of Microsoft offerings, she has become a trusted advisor for organizations across various industries. Her ability to understand complex business problems and provide innovative solutions has made her an invaluable asset to her clients. By leveraging her expertise and the capabilities of the Power Platform, Vibhuti has been instrumental in developing accelerators and proposing tailored solutions that have brought about tangible results and streamlined processes for companies. She is always eager to explore and understand the latest developments in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This constant quest for knowledge empowers her to identify opportunities for intelligent automation and propose cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for businesses.