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The cloud has transformed the economics of infrastructure, essentially crumbling the barrier to entry for building applications on world-class technology. It has brought about a fundamental change on the operations side as well: the effortless scaling made possible by the cloud means that the typical organization’s infrastructure is always in flux. The nature of the cloud has elevated the need for new methods and new tools for monitoring an infrastructure of constantly changing, often short-lived components.

Monitoring allows engineering teams to identify and resolve performance issues before they cause problems for end users. Comprehensive monitoring is a must now that development moves faster than ever—many teams deploy new code dozens of times per day.


With Saxon – Datadog Advantage


Gain end-to-end visibility into your legacy and new cloud environments during a migration


Be instantly notified with AI-based alerting of conditions that could lead to issues


Communicate SLA adherence and KPIs among engineering teams, executives, and external stakeholders


Quickly triage and understand any issues that do arise, so you can quickly implement a fix

What can we do for you with Datadog?

With more than 250 vendor-supported integrations that can be installed in minutes, plus “cloud-native” handling of dynamic environments and microservices, we provide full visibility into on-premise and cloud environments and their supporting tools on the same platform.