Resolved the challenges with inconsistent data formats for trusted reports.


A leading provider of complex care needs for seniors and children was facing challenges with multiple data sources. The inconsistent data formats from these discrete data layouts posed a challenge for them in creating trusted reports leveraging reporting tools.

Saxon AI’s team provided a solution with data unification and ETL Quality Assurance methodology for their Forecast vs. Actual report. With this solution, the client experienced a significant improvement in their report turnaround time.

The Business Challenge

For the Forecast Vs Actual data report, the client had multiple data sources across diverse organizations. The data is in various formats, and several layouts with discrete data making it challenging for forecasting – expenses, earnings, effort, time, etc. This inconsistent data hindered the management to understand the tasks performed by the Healthcare team. Overall, it created huge delays, additional effort, and ambiguity in taking business decisions.​

Saxon AI’s solution

Our team offered a data unification solution to address the data inconsistencies. Additionally, we helped the client with an integrated solution via ETL Quality Assurance methodology for Forecast vs. Actual report. This solution resonated with the trusted data needed by our client’s top management. For more details, please download the case study.

Data Unification for a Leading Provider of Community-based Specialty Healthcare