How to accelerate time to value with Insightbox

Uncovering the hidden potential and actual value of InsightBox

Business leaders are on a continuous quest to get answers to their strategic questions from the vast data pool. Building the data capabilities to answer these critical questions comes with a cost. Organizations need to modernize their data architectures, including automation and AI in data engineering, utilize best reporting practices, and include the new-age AI models to derive critical insights. The price tag for these data efforts may range from millions of dollars to medium businesses and billions of dollars to large Fortune 500 organizations.

How to reduce data costs without sidelining growth?

As per McKinsey, organizations can 20-50% of their data investments by leveraging options like prebuilt-data pipelines, automated reports, and enhanced data operations over three years. Our holistic platform, InsightBox, can accelerate the time to insights by 50% and the overall costs by 30%.

We will help you understand the potential of InsighBox and the value of the individual components in detail through this ebook.

In this ebook, we will cover:

  • A comprehensive approach to reducing data costs
  • The best solution to accelerate data to insights journey
  • Challenges that InsightBox can address
  • How to improve time to value with pre-built connectors and data pipelines?
  • The true potential of pre-built dashboards and AI models
  • Ways to derive maximum value with industry-specific dashboards
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