Microsoft Azure

Limitless potential complementing your technology investments and legacy

95% of Fortune 500 organizations leverage Azure and the usage is spread across every industry. You might be one of them too. But are your realizing the true potential beyond the transition to a cloud platform?

Do you think Azure is just a hub for gathering all the data? Definitely No.

Azure has now evolved to cater to all modern enterprise tech needs. Businesses need to add value by leveraging data to generate insights, or else it will lead to a data swamp. As businesses now prefer the cloud for several reasons, the infrastructure shift has evoked interest in BI, analytics, AI, and automation on the cloud. The cloud data warehouse, data lakes, and data pipelines have simplified data access and transformation over the cloud.

Azure has now become the platform of choice for performing analytics, AI, automation, and apps on the cloud. Looking to understand the limitless potential of Azure, Power Platform, cloud-scale analytics, and AI? Checkout this interesting ebook.

In this ebook, we covered about:

  • Catering to your data needs with Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Accelerating your time to value for insights with Power BI and Azure Synapse
  • Simplified and complex AI needs that can be addressed through Azure Services
  • Knowledge mining with intelligent services in the Azure ecosystem
  • Conversational AI for task-based and intelligent interactions
  • Unlimited opportunities with Power Platform + Azure
  • Addressing evolving enterprise needs with Microsoft Teams as the new OS
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