Augmenting your workforce with Digital Co-workers

Challenges, Use Cases, and Best Practices

Do you know that organizations are transforming much more rapidly than ever before with digital technologies? On the other hand, business processes have several mundane tasks that diminish employee morale and affect efficiency. Organizations also prefer to shift their employees’ focus to tasks that demand human cognition, such as creativity, empathy, and ingenuity. Here comes the advent of the new-age digital co-workers who can automate and augment business processes. 

Do you think Digital Co-worker is just another bot that can automate only specific business tasks? Definitely no.

With a seamless blend of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive automation, Machine Learning, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and Analytics, Digital Co-workers are much more than task-oriented bots. They take complete ownership of the end-to-end business workflow and function agilely. With holistic abilities from Azure Cognitive services and Power Platform, Digital Co-workers are disruptive in transforming routine tasks in an enterprise. With a human-in-the-loop feature and no platform licensing costs, a digital co-worker starts performing from the very first day and efficiently meets business needs. Check out this eBook if you are looking for a comprehensive guide to understanding and leveraging Digital Co-workers to enhance your business process.

We covered the following areas in this eBook:

  • How do new-gen AI-powered Digital Co-workers work alongside the workforce?
  • What are the three pillars of Digital Co-workers?
  • Implementation challenges of Digital Co-workers.
  • Various use cases of Digital Co-workers industry-wise.
  • Exploring the unlimited potential with Digital Co-workers.
  • What are the best practices to transform any business with Digital Co-workers?
  • Digital Clerx – Saxon’s Digital co-workers

Digital Co-workers can help organizations reach their business goals and stay ahead of the competition even in adverse market conditions. They augment the human workforce and assist in delivering true business value.

Augmenting your workforce with Digital Co-workers