Reimagining and Rethinking Retail with AI

Reimagining and Rethinking Retail with AI

A complete guide to transformation in the ‘New Normal’.

Disruption of the retail industry has been accelerated five times during the pandemic, and AI adoption surged with this trend, as per a study by KPMG. As the world avoided human contact and preferred to stay online, digitization of internal and customer-centric processes accelerated by three to four years too. As we get adjusted to the ‘New Normal’, every one of us seeks a unique experience compared to that of the pre-pandemic era.

Phygital retail is on the roadmap for every retailer and AI has become an integral part of personalization and customer experience. AI adoption is not about a few use cases in retail but a complete transformation of the processes to visualize the dynamic customer needs and deliver exceptional experiences. A lot more about the transformation of the retail industry with AI is discussed in detail in this e-book.

In this ebook, we will cover about:

  • The promising value of AI in the ‘New Normal’
  • Opportunities of AI in Retail
  • Challenges in AI implementation
  • How to leverage AI for phygital customer experience?
  • Reimagining intelligent processes with AI
  • The scale and value of personalization
  • Transformation to AI-powered smart Retail
  • Retail With AI