The Economics of AI – Scaling AI projects from Cost to Revenue Center

After consistent experimentation, global leaders like Amazon, Google, and Netflix could witness positive RoI from their AI projects. As per Gartner, 85% of AI projects fail to scale, and around 53% move from production to prototypes. Why? The technology behind it is incredible, but the strategy, planning, and execution of the available resources led to failures for many organizations.

Why is it important to scale up your AI projects?

Organizations that scale their AI projects are 7x more likely to be the fastest-growing business in their industry than those that have not scaled AI.

The other significant challenge for many businesses is about witnessing a positive RoI with AI projects. Most beginners for AI projects only saw an average of 0.2% RoI with their AI projects. You can find solutions to improve your RoI in this ebook.

Are you looking to scale your AI projects with significant RoI? This ebook provides you with strategies and guidelines to leapfrog your AI implementations.

In this ebook, we will cover:

  • The AI and economic impact
  • RoI of AI projects
  • Challenges involved in scaling AI projects
  • The cost of AI projects
  • Better strategies to scale AI projects for positive RoI
The Economics of AI