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Workforce of the Future

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Episode: 1

Reimagine the modern workplace with intelligent automation

Across workflows, workforce, and workplaces, we believe intelligent automation will enable organizations to become more agile, lowers risk, and be productive. A digital workforce combining humans and digital talent is set to accelerate operations, further enabling effective decision-making.

The future business would include three equal parts: 1/3rd humans, a third of digital talent, and a final third of traditional IT. This state of equality could be reached by 2030. – Jason Kingdon, Blue Prism chief executive

Our discussions with a few digital leaders exposed the barriers to transformation in the workplace. While they come in many ways, we can broadly classify them into legacy debt, operational efficiency, fragmented data, and legacy skills. Nevertheless, Intelligent automation holds the capability to overcome these barriers.

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Joel Jolly

Joel Jolly

Vice President Technology
Haricharan Mylaraiah

Haricharan Mylaraiah

Sr. Vice President - Strategy, Offerings & Sales Enablement