Do You Aspire To Be A Data-First Company? 

Then you need the best data engineering practices for your data. Often organizations find it challenging to optimize the usability of their data due to data silos, data positioning, technology gap, etc.  We are here to accelerate the data to insights journey with our data engineering services

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Adopting proper Data engineering strategies
will help you increase your data usability.

What We Do?

We engineer data to extract actionable intelligence. With our expertise, we provide the best solution for all your data challenges, from data ingestion to extracting insights. Our services include

How We Do It?

Insights-Driven Approach

Powerful insights help you make impactful decisions. With our strategical approach, we help you to be data-driven

Robust Data Pipelines

With standardized ETL/ELT process, we deliver robust data pipelines resilient to data glitches and schema changes.

Scalable Data Engineering

For your rapid growing business we provide highly scalable data engineering services for your hassle-free scale up.

Next-Gen Data Transformation

With our expert team, we can solve all your data challenges with the advanced technologies.

What Do You Get With Our Data Engineering Services?

Today businesses need a comprehensive platform to extract insights from the data on the fly. It becomes highly complex when businesses generate vast amounts of data, and their data is spread across on-premises and cloud storage. You can avoid any complexity with our data engineering services and our intelligent platform.

Our Solution – InsightBox

An AI-Powered Platform to Accelerate Data to Actionable Insights.

InsightBox is designed to address your organization’s data needs, connecting multiple data sources and translating them to a sophisticated data environment with high-end Visualization, Predictions that aid in quicker decision-making.


AI in Insightbox

Make High-Quality Decisions

You can extract real-time data from multiple data sources and get easy to understand visualization to make better decisions faster.

Save Data To Insights Time

With InsightBox You can save up to 50% on costs, time, and effort.

Enhance Business Performance

Make better decisions and gain a competitive edge with our intelligent platform.

Why Saxon?

Our Data Engineering services provide all answers to your big data challenges.

Saxon AI

  • Is committed to Data Excellence.
  • believes in strong partnerships to solve your existing data engineering challenges.
  • provides consistent solutions for faster data processing.
  • a pure-play digital transformation services provider.
  • accelerates time to insights with InsightBox.