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Data Engineering

Are you gearing up for being data-driven with robust data pipelines? We at Saxon can enhance your business decisions by accelerating your data pipelines, including DataOps, Data Lake, and next-gen Data Mesh and Data Fabric.

Do you think siloed, inconsistent, and poor-quality data is hindering your data transformation journey? Most organizations are now looking at flexible, agile data engineering tools to assess, analyze and adapt to insights from their operations.

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Data Engineering for Rapid Data Pipelines

Every business is creating more data than ever before. Are you one of them, trying to build data pipelines for most of the data sources?

We at Saxon Global leverage our partnership with Rivery to accelerate your data pipelines. Rivery’s SaaS platform brings automation and actionable logic to your ETL process and eases data ingestion with pre-built connectors to a whole gamut of data sources. Our clients were consistently able to resolve their data engineering challenges leveraging our partner ecosystem and our data team’s expertise.

Data Engineering
Next-Gen Data Engineering
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Next-Gen Data Engineering

The Complexity Of Data Management Increases As New Technologies, Tools, And Data Sources Intrude Every Organizations’ Data Ecosystem.

The complexity of data management increases as new technologies, tools, and data sources intrude every organizations’ data ecosystem. Our experts constantly take that extra mile to rethink your data ecosystem and equip you with modern data architectures and new-age data science frameworks. Next-gen data engineering solutions like Data mesh, Data fabric, and DataOps are just not exciting topics for us, but we focus on implementing them for our clients.

How can you leverage Saxon’s expertise?

  • Commitment to data excellence – Over 5+ years of experience in solving data challenges for globally renowned organizations
  • Strong partnerships to encounter your data engineering challenges
  • A data talent hub – Our Data engineers, data integration consultants, and data scientists evolve according to the rapid technology shift
  • Consistent data engineering solutions for faster data processes
  • A Pure-play digital transformation services provider
  • We amplify your trust with our insights-driven unique approach
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    Our Data Engineering Services

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    Data Strategy and Roadmap

    Every successful data initiative kicks off with strategy. Our multi-disciplinary approach offers you world-class strategy aligned with right tools, environment and is robust against disruption.

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    Data Migration Icon Image
    Data Migration

    Our unparalleled experience executing cloud data migration, legacy platforms to modernized solutions ensures business continuity and minimal downtime. We offer custom data engineering solutions to transform your data of any type/scale with agility.

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    Data Integration Icon
    Data Integration

    Enterprise-grade real-time data ingestion to combine batch and stream data pipelines for modern data transformation needs. Our data integration consultants can help you improve your data quality and develop pipelines that are 90% faster.

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    Data Warehouse Image Icon
    Data Warehouse

    Are you considering revamping your legacy solution or building a new cloud, on-premise or hybrid data warehouse? Our experts ensure that your ETL processes, KPIs and data quality are in line to ensure business insights at scale

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    Data Lake image Icon
    Data Lake

    Aggregate all your data seamlessly for insights, irrespective of source and format with our data lake expertise. We enable governance and quality with our best-in class DataOps expertise and partnerships.

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    Data Virtualization image Icon
    Data Virtualization

    Want to break data silos? Establish single logical view for your data sources to simplify your data. Speed up the time to solution and enable agile data engineering for faster insights.

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    Data Mesh

    Amplify your decisions, unlock your data at scale with a decentralized domain-driven data architecture. Data mesh interoperability and seamless data loop navigation can transform your insights landscape.

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    Data Fabric

    Harness the potential of business ready data with a trusted, single and unified architectural pattern. Our experts can enable frictionless access and data sharing to efficiently drive insights as per organization’s needs.

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    Benefits of our Data Engineering Services

    Insights-driven Approach

    Powerful insights are not for business success but for survival and avoiding any disruption. At Saxon, we build resilient data engineering roadmaps and make sense of your big and fast-moving data.

    Intelligent and Scalable Data Engineering

    Any other fundamental needs to be data-driven? Intelligently automated ETL and data integration workflows powered by Change Data Capture (CDC) solutions are essential for your data transformation.

    Robust Data Pipelines

    Leveraging our unique data transformation expertise,
    we can deliver robust data pipelines resilient to data glitches and schema changes. Standardize and simplify your
    ETL process with our expertise to be more productive and

    Next-gen Data Transformation

    In this digital era, accessing the right information at the right time is key for an organization’s success. Our data engineers and data integration consultants are continually skilled with the evolving tech landscape like data mesh and data fabric to equip you for a new-age data transformation journey.

    A few Clients’ Success Stories

    Enterprise Data Lake Implementation for a leading retailer

    Saxon Global implemented a data lake for big data aggregation and analytics for a leading retailer. Our client accelerated their insights journey with a unified view from all the data sources and formats.

    Next-gen data ecosystem that is scalable with a best-in-class tech stack

    Our client, a leading healthcare services provider, was facing challenges with their back-end data architecture. We developed a modern data architecture and custom migration solution to reduce the errors in data movement. Additionally, our team streamlined data updates leveraging the Change Data Capture approach aiding them with a scalable data platform for analytics.

    Success Stories


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