Data Governance

Adapt to data governance best practices to harness data quality and break data silos. Prioritize your data assets for reliability, security, and business insights leveraging Saxon’s Governance framework.

We manage your data assets to ensure accountability and ownership while adhering to all the regulatory standards.
Integrity, Usability, and consistency are the key attributes in data assets that we constantly strive to analyze and improve. Our data governance experts work with your business teams to analyze your business objectives and compliance levels to suggest a strategic data governance roadmap.
Our services are intended to provide you a comprehensive data classification, origination, access management, and security to address gaps and safeguard your data assets. We also discover, map, and classify your dataflows and workflows for more reliability and accuracy. Our experts ensure that uniformity, accuracy, and stewardship of the master data assets are monitored to minimize protection and data quality risks.

Why do you need data governance?

Many experts say that data governance is about people, processes, and policies for strategic data management. We confide the need to govern data to:

  • Protect the most critical assets – data and knowledge
  • Avoid data siloes across various business domains and strategic business units
  • Establish a shared understanding of data with a standard data glossary and definitions
  • Identify and fix errors to improve data quality for reliable insights
  • Access to reliable information to enhance the accuracy of the insights
  • Ensure compliance with data regulations and privacy policies
  • data governance
    Why Saxon?

    Why Saxon?

  • Constant re-engineering to establish data quality and security controls as per the evolving data landscape.
  • A mixed bag of talent – Any data role, you name it, and we have our experts to serve your needs.
  • Our experts ensure the maximum value of your data with a unique data governance framework and solutions.
  • We provide a customized data governance management approach tailor-fit for your unique business needs. Our domain experts define the strategy and plan your system based on a holistic analysis.
  • Introducing InsightBox

    A data platform that accelerates the journey of data to actionable intelligence.

    InsightBox is designed to address your organization’s data needs, connecting any data sources and translating them to an organized data environment, better visualization, prediction, and decision-making. Industry and function-specific library of reports/dashboards help you get started with your dashboard in just a day.
    Efficiency at the nucleus, this platform is designed to reduce time to data, increase data visibility and facilitate better decision making.


    Our Data Governance Services

    Data Quality
    Data Quality

    Profiling, cleansing, matching, stewardship and analysis to figure out the right value of data for organization’s interrelationships. We ensure you strategic information with knowledge-driven quality controls for data of any size or format.

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    Master Data Management
    Master Data Management

    MDM implementations planned across multi-domains through scalable and reliable architecture. Our targeted solutions enable a single, trusted, 360-degree view of customers, products, assets, and employees data to derive key business insights

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    Data Privacy
    Data Privacy

    Regulatory impact assessment partnering with your data and compliance teams. Our experts can implement a privacy program to centralize your data assets and can proactively address all your data adherence challenges.

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    Data Architecture
    Data Architecture

    Simple, organization-wide tooling and platform approaches to ensure consistency and interoperability. We ensure that the modern architecture is governed by data lineage for next-gen data management.

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    Data Security
    Data Security

    Aggregate all your data seamlessly for insights, irrespective of source and format with our data lake expertise. We enable governance and quality with our best-in class DataOps expertise and partnerships.

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    Our Step-wise Approach for Effective Data Governance Strategy

    Step 1

    Define objectives, strategy, and vision to enable data governance management for your business goals:

    Our governance architects rethink existing systems for modern data architectures and strategic data management to ensure the right data governance strategy for long-term insights. We establish a clear plan for the set goals and vision of a data-driven business.

    Step 2

    Establishing roles and responsibilities for data governance teams:

    Data governance is no more the responsibility of the IT team but a shared responsibility with business users. We collaboratively identify your data stewards and data controllers who can monitor for changes in data management processes internally and externally.

    Step 3

    Define standards, processes, and policies:

    We help you understand data flow through your strategic data management systems and provide the required consulting services to adhere to regulation changes. A clear understanding of data processing procedures, data interoperability, and workflows is the core for establishing data governance standards.

    Step 4

    Master data management and collaboration:

    Defining a business glossary to utilize tools for master data management is often ignored by data architects. As the data governance teams are cross-functional, we ensure the needed collaboration to derive the right value and understanding of data.

    Step 5

    Data quality roadmap with access controls:

    We measure results continuously to ensure that the future state of data governance is met while also addressing the gaps at each stage. Our experts also work hand in hand with business users to enable required access controls and change them as per the data management strategy.


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