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Processing and managing large volumes of documents and contracts can be daunting, especially when processing them manually. Manual document processing is a highly error-prone and tedious process that can also be expensive. We can help you automate the process with our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence powered Document Intelligence solution. 

Saxon’s Document Intelligence is a game-changer for businesses seeking digital transformation in their document processing domain. It is powered by Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology that can analyze and extract valuable data from any document accurately and in less time. You can concentrate more on utilizing the digitized, extracted information and driving the business forward with Document intelligence.

What is Document Intelligence?

Intelligent Document Processing is a cognitive software solution harnessing Artificial Intelligence to automate manual data processing. Our Document Intelligence eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry, data extraction, and document sorting. The cognitive technology will understand, classify, and extract relevant data from a complex range of documents, including invoices, contracts, forms, PDFs, and KYC documents.  

Even though many document processing solutions relying on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are commonly in use, IDP is an intelligent and AI-powered solution. Our Document Intelligence solution is powered by Microsoft Azure AI. It leverages RPA, OCR, computer vision, machine learning, and NLP to process structured and unstructured business documents. 

Why do you need Document Intelligence?

Document Intelligence will be transformative for businesses in finance, banking, insurance, commercial real estate, and other sectors that process a vast quantity of documents that need utmost attention.

Reduces the dependency on the human force by 80%

Greatly scalable according to your business needs

Reduces time for document processing by 60%

Accelerates productivity

Reduces time to market of new initiatives by 85% 


According to Gartner, implementing IDP can save approximately 25,000 hours of rework caused by human errors for a 40-member finance team. That translates to a whopping cost reduction of $878,000 annually! 

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The Saxon’s advantage

Do you know that 80% of an enterprise’s data is unstructured? While data is crucial for your business to grow and scale up, you must have the right and robust tools to unearth the insights hidden in your data. 

Saxon’s Document Intelligence solution can identify, classify, extract relevant data, perform validation checks, and prepare the data for business operations processing quickly and efficiently. With our IDP solution, you can seamlessly leverage the wealth of data in your organization and utilize it for business growth. 

Use cases

Begin your document automation journey by exploring over 100 IDP use cases spanning across diverse industries. Discover the significant impact Document Intelligence has on enhancing the operational efficiency of enterprises. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

Intelligent Document Processing is the process of automating data extraction, classification, and analysis from documents using OCR, NLP, Machine Learning, and other Artificial Intelligence technologies facilitating end-to-end automation. 

What are the key benefits of implementing IDP?

Key benefits of implementing IDP include enhanced efficiency, cost savings, accelerated processes, reduced human error, and simplified and better compliance. Scalability across applications and seamless integration with the existing tech stack are also some of its key benefits. All these key benefits result in streamlined workflows, higher data accuracy, and cost-effective implementation. 

How is IDP different from OCR?

OCR can digitize specific template-based documents. It lacks searchability and data interpretation. However, IDP combines OCR, machine learning, and AI to classify, extract, and distribute data from various documents, surpassing OCR’s limitations and offering better results with less manual intervention. 

Can IDP extract Data from Unstructured Content?

Unlike OCR, Intelligent Document Processing excels at extracting data from unstructured content, including semi-structured and complex documents. IDP not only recognizes and captures content but also extracts the context within the content itself. 

What technologies does IDP use?

IDP solution leverages OCR, AI, ML, NLP, and computer vision in unison, complementing and strengthening each other. It also needs a repository for the storage of digitized documents. It can use technologies such as ERP, ECM, iPaaS, RPA, CRM, LOS, and other repositories or application. 

Can IDP process handwritten text?

Yes, IDP can process handwritten text, including cursive writing. Leveraging machine learning and AI to establish a growing database of rules, IDP can accurately digitize various forms of handwriting. It can also process documents with a mix of digital and handwritten text. And achieve high accuracy rates. 

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