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Faster, intelligent insights. Smart analytical models for data-driven decision intelligence. Accelerate at scale now with data-driven digital transformation.

Digital transformation, data-driven transformation sounds different, but no transformation can drive any organization without data. When the business rules are changing drastically in days, companies need a data-driven digital transformation to be more agile and scalable in no time. We go beyond an approach or implementation to reimagine your business models with data. Our experts embrace your data as human, financial, and intellectual capital – to enable growth and competitive advantage for you in the future.

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Are you looking to reposition your offerings, create new sources of value and sustainable growth? Our advanced reporting and analytics services aim to accelerate your time to value and advanced technologies like AI to scaler up your digital business models in no time.

What do we deliver through our
Reporting and Analytics Services?

Visualization, reporting, dashboards, analytics models, artificial intelligence – all these are the abilities to uncover insights from your data to deliver:

Promising business value

Having the best data or writing an intelligent algorithm doesn’t guarantee success in your insights journey. We empower your organization with a robust change management and transformation plan to witness the actual value from data. Our experts ensure that prioritizing, scaling, and integrating the use cases are done through the insights value chain for excellence through the entire insights process.

True digital business model differentiation

Business rules are changing in a matter of days, and organizations are on the verge to evolve quickly and rapidly create value differentiation. Leveraging our data and insights capabilities, organizations can reinvent the offerings and scale-up dynamically according to the customer and stakeholder’s preferences.

Reporting and Analytics Services – Saxon

Visualization, reporting, dashboards, analytics models, artificial intelligence – all these are the abilities to uncover insights from your data to deliver:


Harnessing data and insights capabilities

We understand your data sources, prepare a strategy to optimize performance, sustain growth and improve decision making by leveraging data and analytics.


Align your strategy to be data-driven

Technology is not the only driving factor for being data-driven. We help you evolve your data processes and automation strategies to derive faster insights and to adapt to evolving new analytical capabilities.


Create data models

To generate the right insights, you need to fit data models that can power you for the right decisions. Whether it is forecasting or complex deep learning data models, our experts have deep expertise across industries and specific functional use cases to customize your data models as per your needs.


Prepare your data ecosystem

Our experts re-engineer your data processes for rapid data pipelines, automatic data ingestion, and scalable processes. Wherever the data resides, cloud or on-premise, data preparation is critical for faster insights. We leverage our best-in-class expertise to cleanse, transform and filter your data as per the use case.

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Reporting and Analytics Services

How do we do it?

Historical Data Analysis

Retrospecting the data from past events gives you different views about why it happened. Dashboards, interactive visualizations aid in the root cause analysis and enable you for the right decision.

Predictive Analytics

A lot has changed while leveraging predictive analytics, advanced machine learning, and AI to predict the outcomes, customer behavior, and machine failures. Predicting the customer churn, buying behavior, equipment failures, fraud detection, healthcare claims are a few among the many real-world predictive analytics use cases.

Efficiency is now the most important driving force for any business. Operational analytics gained mainstream with this change. It is not restricted to any business function and is spread across Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, and HR.

Supply-Chain Analytics

Demand and supply forecasting has become crucial in this digital era. It is not just about customer data but also about suppliers’ production, warehousing, transportation, and fleet management. A few use cases include production analytics, overhead analytics, inventory, and space planning.

Real-time Insights

Real-time visibility into every process is vital for faster decisions. Real-time insights enable businesses to immediately process and query new data as and when it is created to fuel informed decisions at the moment. Personalized product recommendations, location data, fraud detection, and service recommendation are a few real-time insights that garnered attention from various industries.

Introducing InsightBox

A data platform that accelerates the journey of data to actionable intelligence.

InsightBox is designed to address your organization’s data needs, connecting any data sources and translating them to an organized data environment, better visualization, prediction, and decision-making. Industry and function-specific library of reports/dashboards help you get started with your dashboard in just a day.

Efficiency at the nucleus, this platform is designed to reduce time to data, increase data visibility and facilitate better decision making.

Reporting and Analytics

Why do brands prefer Saxon?

Data and Insights powerhouse

We are an end-to-end data services provider focused on accelerating your data-driven digital transformation journey with our proven industry experts’ and a unique approach tailored for every industry.


Rapid insights with our in-house solution InsightBox, customized as per your industry needs. Hundreds of templates to visualize your insights in hours to save you a lot of effort and cost.


Our experts’ have a proven track record of accelerating your time to value and agility and scalability to create insights.