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Other / October, 13 2020

Cloud Monitoring Spend Is Worth Spending

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the technology industry across the globe. Enterprises need to be very cautious while migrating their workloads to the cloud because of its multitude of features. Among several significant aspects of cloud technology, cloud monitoring is one of the less-discussed aspects. Most enterprises spend their time and money on the cloud migration process and its resources. They worry less about management and monitoring.

An ideal enterprise always puts the monitoring and management in the first place because this keeps your workloads running effectively.

Let’s understand what cloud monitoring all is. It is a process of analyzing, monitoring, and managing cloud-based services and infrastructure.

Cloud Monitoring Is the Best Answer To Out of control Cloud Cost Bills.

There is an extensive list of cloud monitoring advantages. One of the top benefits is having proper control of service usage. It is essential to know how the cloud technology environment works and monitor all significant cloud spend.  You need to make sure that you are getting the cloud cost bill of the usage, i.e., there is no discrepancy in your usage and bill generated by the vendor. Here comes the cloud monitoring to rescue you in case of usage discrepancy. You make sure that you get what you pay for.

Make Sure That “You Are Paying for What You Have Consumed”

Ensure the Proper Security

One of the critical factors that enterprises consider while deciding cloud migration is the security of their workloads. Cloud monitoring ensures that all networks are safe from cyberattacks. With cloud monitoring, IT teams detect and eliminate cyber threats and data breaches.

Are you getting enough speed?

It is cloud monitoring, ensuring that you are getting proper speed and agility in your cloud services. We all agree that speed is a significant determinant of customer satisfaction. Therefore, we all need to match with this aspect to succeed in this highly competitive market. Speed metrics can further help enterprises to optimize their website and applications.

Cost Optimization Starts With Monitoring

You cannot optimize the cloud cost until you detect the issues in your current infrastructure. Cloud monitoring tools help you detect and identify the causes of higher cloud costs. Once you find out the problems, you can implement the solution part. Then you will be able to start cost optimization strategies – killing the idle resources, picking the right size, adequate allocation of resources, etc. Several cloud monitoring tools are available to help enterprises get a lot of valuable data and insights.

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