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Other / October, 28 2020

Here are the two most in-demand skills

If you are thinking to add more skills to your repertoire, stop thinking, Act Now. We are going to tell you the two most important skills that you should include in your resume. 

The two most demanded skills are Cloud Technology and Artificial Intelligence. These two skills are dominating the entire industry. There is a huge surge recorded in the demand of the people having experience in these skills.

Cloud computing and AI skills have become an essential part of the resume for IT professionals. Enterprises are actively looking for candidates having knowledge and hands-on experience on these two most demanded skills. 

The current situation of the pandemic has fast-tracked cloud technology adoption. Cloud technology has emerged as a rescuer for enterprises. It helps to continue their operations and survive this economic turmoil. The demand is increasing, but the industry lacks an adequate number of cloud professionals to match the growing demand.

According to a study, 90% of IT decision-makers report the shortage of cloud professionals.

In the same way, another report claims that AI skills will be In Demand. 

If you think cloud technology and AI is going to take IT staff jobs, this is a wrong notion. The IT professionals’ jobs will be there to manage the data centers and work on the new technology. Cloud technology and artificial intelligence are all about augmenting the productivity of the enterprises. Therefore, no need to worry. 

The current picture is pretty much optimistic for people with Cloud and AI skills. If you have decided to advance your career, you need to act now, get certified. Apart from the benefit of learning new skills, employers also love to have a team member who believes in continuous learning. Thus, having these certifications will validate your knowledge and improve your chances of getting selected. 

One thing we should know that AI and Cloud technology is not going anywhere shortly. They are showing all signs to be a permanent part of the innovative IT landscape. Either you embrace it and grow or ignore it and lose. 

Why do you get certified?

Certifications validate your knowledge and skills. It ensures that you are skilled with the required knowledge to work on the technology. Enterprises show more confidence to connect with the people having certifications from the reputed institutions. The good thing is that there are several online platforms where you can apply for the certifications.

When it comes to cloud certifications, you can get proper training and certifications from some of the top CSPs such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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