A leading aerospace component manufacturer was facing bottlenecks in their production planning and operations due to manual processes. Their existing systems were not scalable to meet the evolving market demands.

The company reached out to Saxon AI for help.

Understanding their unique business requirements, Saxon AI created tailored solutions for the company using Microsoft Power Platform and Azure.

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Aerospace Component Manufacturing Company


Our client, an esteemed aerospace component manufacturing company, struggled with manual production planning due to the lack of data availability. Their reliance on paper-based production books and route cards resulted in inefficiencies and hindered their ability to optimize production.

Key Challenges:

  1. Manual Processes: The company heavily relied on traditional paper-based production books and route cards, leading to delays, errors, and limited visibility into the manufacturing process.
  2. Inefficient Planning: The absence of accurate and real-time data made it difficult for the company to plan and schedule production effectively, resulting in suboptimal resource allocation and increased costs.

Limited Scalability: The manual approach posed challenges for scalability, making it increasingly difficult to handle larger production volumes and adapt to evolving market demands.


Digitization with Azure and Power Platform

To address the challenges faced by the client, we implemented a comprehensive digitization strategy leveraging Microsoft Azure and Power Platform. This approach provided a scalable and flexible data management, process automation, and analytics foundation.

Azure as the Data and Analytics Hub

We utilized Microsoft Azure to establish a robust data and analytics infrastructure. Azure offered secure storage and processing capabilities for production data, enabling real-time data capture, analysis, and visualization.

Power Platform for Custom Solutions

We leveraged the Microsoft Power Platform suite, including Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, to develop custom solutions tailored to the client’s needs. Power Apps allowed us to create intuitive and user-friendly applications for data entry and process automation. Power Automate enabled seamless workflows and system integration, streamlining production planning processes. Power BI provides interactive dashboards and reports for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Integration with Dynamics Business Central

To ensure seamless collaboration and data synchronization, we integrated the custom solutions built on Azure and Power Platform with the client’s existing Dynamics Business Central ERP system. This integration enabled data flow between systems, optimizing production planning, inventory management, and resource allocation.



Improved Data Availability and Accuracy

By digitizing Azure and Power Platform processes, the client experienced enhanced data availability and accuracy. Real-time data capture and analysis enabled better decision-making, reducing errors and delays in production planning.


Streamlined and Automated Workflows

The custom solutions developed using Power Platform streamlined and automated workflows, eliminating manual bottlenecks. This increased efficiency, reduced cycle times, and improved team collaboration.


Scalable and Agile Operations

With Azure as the backbone, the client achieved scalability, enabling them to handle larger production volumes and adapt to changing market demands. The flexibility offered by the cloud infrastructure facilitated business agility and rapid response to customer requirements.


Data-Driven Insights and Reporting

Power BI’s interactive dashboards and reports gave the client data-driven insights into production performance, demand patterns, and resource utilization. These insights empowered informed decision-making and facilitated continuous process improvement.


By leveraging Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, and integration with Dynamics Business Central, our client, the aerospace component manufacturing company, we successfully digitized their production planning processes. The adoption of Azure enabled data-driven decision-making, while Power Platform facilitated the development of custom solutions for streamlined workflows and real-time reporting. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Azure and Power Platform in enabling digital transformation, improving operational efficiency, and driving business growth in the aerospace industry.