Unleashing the Power of Cognitive Automation

In “Unleashing the Power of Cognitive Automation,” Haricharan has created an invaluable resource for business leaders seeking to understand and capitalize on the immense potential of cognitive automation. His pragmatic approach, coupled with real-world examples and case studies, makes this handbook an essential read for anyone looking to stay ahead in the age of digital transformation. I am confident that this handbook will serve as a catalyst for innovation and strategic thinking, empowering businesses to embrace the opportunities presented by cognitive automation and ultimately shape a brighter, more efficient, and sustainable future. –Sriram Ganapathy, Director, Azure AI Team at Microsoft

Imagine a world where your business runs like a well-oiled machine – streamlined processes, automated tasks, and informed decisions. This is the promise of cognitive automation, a cutting-edge technology transforming business operations.

The catch here is, cognitive automation seems overwhelming and confusing for most business decision-makers. So, they often find it challenging to decide on using cognitive automation in their operations.

To help decision-makers understand cognitive automation better, Haricharan Mylaraiah, our SVP of Strategy, has written this book – Unleashing the Power of Cognitive Automation.

This book breaks down cognitive automation technology and guides you through planning and implementing a powerful automation strategy.

Strategic Handbook for business decision-makers