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Revolutionize and modernize with Power Apps

To stay competitive, manufacturers need to optimize processes with advanced technologies, provide employees with the right tools, improve supply chain agility, and serve customers better. Industry 4.0 aims to help organizations thrive by accelerating time to value and streamlining processes with insights across the overall product lifecycle.

Today customers have access to information and a wide variety of options. For consistent customer engagement and loyalty, industrial innovation and modernization are the keys. With power apps, you can achieve modernization faster.

Why Power Apps for Manufacturing?

  • Build custom apps to digitize your manual paper pen processes, improving employee performance and engagement.
  • Reduces the human effort and investment to create custom apps that solve your manufacturing challenges, thus creating digital solutions for your challenges
  • It is highly intuitive, secure, scalable, and manageable.
  • Acts as a catalyst in reducing the technical debt in app development.
  • Low-code development removes the IT dependency barrier, helping businesses derive the best value from business applications.
  • It helps in digital transformation by increasing the speed and decreasing the cost of application development across a wider area.
  • It combines siloed data, creating a single view of the customer, behavior, market movement, and trends.
  • Apps built using Power Apps are rich in business logic and workflow capabilities that can transform your manual business operations into digital and automated processes.
  • It empowers apps with a responsive design and runs seamlessly in any browser and any device.
  • Reports show power apps has helped enterprises to

Increase ROI by 188% over three years

74% decrease in the application development cost

3.2 hours/week average improvement in productivity

Modern Manufacturing

In traditional manufacturing, the product and the customers were at the end of the manufacturing journey. Today, manufacturers have shifted their focus on the customers and the product by bringing them to the center of the value chain. They are rethinking business models and engineering products that go beyond just function and provide added value to customers. This shift requires a fundamental reconstruction of the manufacturing value chain, product design, engineering, and supply chain.

Repurpose NLP

Modern Factory

Power apps help you to empower your front-line employees with custom apps digitizing the manual processes, upskill effectively, and provide risk management and quality standard information for easy access.

Mass Data-analysis

Intelligent Supply chain

You can build custom apps to digitize and automate the manual process of tracking the supply chain and gain visibility over the movement of the objects in the value chain. You can get insights into your supply chain data and make informed decisions.


Connected Product Innovation

Shortening the validation process helps you increase time to market and provides quality gains. Build custom apps for fusion teams like research, design, engineering, and production to interact and connect easily for product innovation.

Leverage the true potential of power apps to discover, innovate, and build custom apps


Increased Agility

Maximize the visibility of the processes


Faster Innovation

Collaborate with ease


Reinvent Efficiency

Eliminate manual processes


Use cases of power apps for manufacturing

  • Asset management
  • Equipment management
  • Material management
  • Project management
  • Analytics and insights
  • Plant maintenance
  • Fleet management
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Production line management
  • Scrap management
  • Quality management

Microsoft Teams + Power Apps

Build apps where your team meets

Microsoft teams is the new OS. You can deploy custom apps in teams for easy use and access.

Empower employees to flag issues

Build apps for employees to address issues that require immediate action.

Handle events with real-time data

Use custom apps in teams to capture and extract insights for making informed decisions.

AI builder + Power Apps

Enrich your apps with AI builder that is easy to build and deploy within power apps


Use custom apps in teams to capture and extract insights for making informed decisions.


Use the industry-leading privacy, security, and compliance of Microsoft.

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We build custom apps, innovate, and enhance your existing applications with AI.
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