Microsoft Power Apps Consulting Services

Build highly interactive business applications rapidly and modernize your existing processes.

Our Microsoft Power Apps consulting services assist you in analyzing requirements and developing highly interactive business applications which streamline and modernize your processes rapidly, ensuring quick implementation in line with your outcome goal.

We all know the promising results delivered by the leading low-code platform. However, did you know you can reduce the cost of development by 74% with 4.3% revenue increase attributed to faster development efforts and ~140% RoI

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Our Power Apps Consulting Services

Assessment, strategy, and planning

Our experts analyze your existing app landscape to provide a vision for building/enhancing/enabling intelligent business applications.

Proof of Value and custom app development

We offer you a concept to pilot program to experience the value driven by our Power Apps Consulting services and visualize your apps in action.

Integration with SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics CRM, etc.

Saxon’s Power Apps consultants will help you integrate with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics CRM, etc. to enable collaboration.

Leverage Azure ML and AI expertise

Enhance your application landscape with innovative capabilities in the Microsoft ecosystem for the latest technology trends.

Intelligent Business Applications

We build intelligent business applications for multiple business functions across your organization and industry-specific custom apps for intelligent processes.

Tailored Applications

We at Saxon expand the usage of Microsoft products with customized apps for Teams, Azure, and Power platforms.

Canvas App or Model-driven App

For quick and scalable solutions, our experts will help you architect Canvas or Model-driven apps suited for your business.

“We specialize in creating intelligent applications through Power Apps that streamline processes and promote effortless collaboration. Our team of experts provides tailored solutions to improve ROI when building a new app, enhancing existing ones, or integrating with other Microsoft solutions. With our Azure experts and Power Apps consultants, you can have a proof-of-concept app developed in just one day. Maximize existing technology investments. Connect effortlessly to the existing record systems and extract more value from it.”


Our Power Apps consulting services involve evaluating our client’s current business processes and identifying any gaps between those processes. By assisting them in modernizing their legacy applications, we empower businesses to recognize the value of digitization.

Our solutions architects can teach business users, in a single day, how to use model-driven and canvas-driven apps. We provide learners with skill sets to create and build apps on the Power Apps platform with little to no coding and limited support from IT experts.

We have carved our PoS program to help our clients recognize the use of Power Platform for their business and create rapid, device-agnostic apps.

We assure to meet our clients’ needs on time and within budget. By comprehending the needs of our clients, we can successfully implement and deploy Power Apps solutions. 

We assist businesses in accelerating their implementation of mobile front-end interfaces for legacy systems with a set of unique connections and system integrators.

We work with businesses to link Power Apps with their legacy systems to automate various activities such as workflow simplification, data validation, and form migration. 

We not only build your custom app and integrate data sources to make it functional, but we also provide you with support and maintenance services on a pay-as-you-go model.

Saxon’s Power Apps Centre of Excellence 

  • 25+ Consultants
  • 5 Business Analysts
  • 10 Solution accelerators for Power Platform
  • Cross-industry domain experience 
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • End-to-end customization services

How do our offerings help your ROI and business outcome?

  • Minimizes the overall process time
  • Higher productivity and lower costs
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Differentiated approach for success
  • Strong industry expertise 
  • Delivering operational aspects of analytics, not just technical capabilities 

Major benefits of building apps with Power Apps 

  • Data source Independent
  • LOB connectors
  • Process Automation
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved security

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Enable Intelligent Business Applications

We at Saxon help you develop intelligent business applications with low code to resolve many challenges for organizations


Automate repetitive and time-consuming workflows


Connect business apps with existing applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, etc.


Enable collaboration between processes in days


Extend the functionality of existing apps to enable intelligent processes

How do our Power Apps Consultants help?


Accurate planning

Design, plan and visualize the potential and adoption of intelligent business applications.


Build/ Enhance apps

Innovative, scalable, and cost-effective solutions according to your business challenges.


Share apps

Easily share and collaborate with other business functions to drive automated workflows


Enhance your app landscape

Collaboration, automation, and seamless integration within your business functions.


Connect with data sources

Establish connections with the right data sources while managing the data fields.


User adoption

Critical training and feedback analysis, troubleshooting and responding to business questions to resolve any issues for users.

Why Microsoft Power Apps?

The low-code application development solution helps customers accelerate their development efforts with the best RoI and time to market.

  • 74% reduction in development costs
  • 4.3% revenue increase attributed to faster development efforts
  • Better decision making
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Around 180% RoI

Meet the Expert

Vibhuti is not just an ordinary Power Platform technology evangelist but a true pioneer in her field. From the very inception of the Power Platform, she has been at the forefront, passionately advocating for its adoption and transformational potential. Throughout her career, Vibhuti has played a pivotal role in numerous client success stories, demonstrating the power of low-code development and its ability to revolutionize businesses. Armed with extensive hands-on knowledge of Microsoft offerings, she has become a trusted advisor for organizations across various industries. Her ability to understand complex business problems and provide innovative solutions has made her an invaluable asset to her clients. By leveraging her expertise and the capabilities of the Power Platform, Vibhuti has been instrumental in developing accelerators and proposing tailored solutions that have brought about tangible results and streamlined processes for companies. She is always eager to explore and understand the latest developments in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This constant quest for knowledge empowers her to identify opportunities for intelligent automation and propose cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for businesses.

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