Data Integration

Personalized and connected data experience

We are in the business of helping organizations to integrate their data from multiple applications to avoid data siloes and providing a unified source of data aligning with your business goals.

Harness The Power of Data. Let Your Data Talk Seamlessly

More years, more data, and the more complex IT infrastructure. The current enterprise landscape demands a dynamic data integration solution to build an ecosystem that connects multiple systems for seamless data interoperability. A data integration solution that aims to build connected IT infrastructure aligning with the business objectives to gain a competitive advantage is the need of the hour. With the advent of cloud technologies, establishing a connected application experience to deliver robust data connectivity across systems has become a reality.

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Customized Data Integration Solution for the modern enterprise

Saxon enables you to manage a wide range of data coming from different sources, data warehouses, systems, applications, digital or offline data. We provide a unified data experience by consolidating data from legacy applications, external sources, internal applications, and much more to avoid data siloes and obtain access to relevant and contextual information.

Every enterprise is unique; therefore, we create a customized data integration solution for each enterprise. Our Data Integration Services are specially designed to align with your business needs and ensure data access at your fingertips. Our enterprise data integration services enable you to get the best value of your data resulting in better customer service and efficient operations.

Eliminating the data siloes, quick access to insights, streamlining data exchange in legacy applications, reducing the complexity of day-to-day data needs, data management across hybrid and cloud environments is our forte. Who hates faster insights in real-time?

Building a Data-Driven Enterprise

Organize the information flow

Integrate all your data sources in real-time to get a complete view of customer and enterprise data.

Streamline Cross Department Collaboration

Develop data touchpoints to make it easier for your teams to collaborate and be productive without problems.

Access to Insights

Store and analyze the data to get insights for your internal and external customers. Don’t make decisions based on your guts; go with the insights.

Gain Market Competitiveness

With the right insights at the right time, you can make the right decisions to maximize business growth.

Introducing InsightBox

A data platform that accelerates the journey of data to actionable intelligence.

InsightBox is designed to address your organization’s data needs, connecting any data sources and translating them to an organized data environment, better visualization, prediction, and decision-making. Industry and function-specific library of reports/dashboards help you get started with your dashboard in just a day.
Efficiency at the nucleus, this platform is designed to reduce time to data, increase data visibility and facilitate better decision making.


Are you looking for any of these?

  • Develop a metadata management plan to create an ecosystem that improves standardization and reuses the current data assets.
  • Be Agile and quick to respond to dynamic market demands with real-time and fast data analytics.
  • Handle the multiple data sources in a very effective manner while ensuring data accuracy and quality.
  • Stop manual intervention from handling the compliance in managing the data accuracy and have a mechanism that can constantly monitor, modify and streamline the data assets.
  • Build a centralized hub for data management of different sources as per the industry requirements resulting in lower infrastructure maintenance costs.
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    Common Problems We Solve with Our Data Integration Services

    Weak Data Security

    We aim to keep the data secure and accessible throughout your enterprises without any data leaks or siloes to the right person. We implement the best-in-class IAM process to keep your enterprise data safe.

    Missing Data Integrity

    Our team will eliminate data inconsistencies and errors so that no data is overlooked while passing from one app/system to another. Implementing data validation to validate all new data sources to manage the data integrity.

    Spending too much on data management

    We help you automate the process of collecting, converting,
    analyzing, and interpreting time-sensitive data. It will help you
    to keep the data available for your teams, eliminating manual intervention. 

    Decentralized Data Insights

    We streamline and centralize the data flow to assess micro details such as customer behavior, asset uptime, employee details. Get timely insights to make strategic decisions that impact your business with our data integration services.

    Why Clients Love Us

    Delivering Maximum Value of your data 

    Managing your disparate data systems is a costly and time-consuming activity. We ensure you get the maximum value of your data. We guarantee to integrate all your data into a single hub no matter how many sources you have with our enterprise data integration solutions.

    We Manage Your Data, and You Manage Your Business

    Our certified consultants will manage the entire data integration process from start to finish. While we manage your data with our data integration services, you focus on your core business.

    Data in the format that suits you

    We ensure you get access to the data in the format that suits you. You choose the delivery method of the data in the required formats.

    We Make Your Data Talk

    Until the data talks, you will not be able to access the real insights. We make the data talk in the format you better understand and make your strategic decisions.

    Data is the fuel for your business which drives business opportunities. In the fast-paced digital era, integrating data sources from disparate sources should not be a headache when you connect with the right data integration service provider to rely on.

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