Genie – A Narrative Science Solution

Craft compelling narratives by leveraging data in context.

Business intelligence, dashboards, and analytics have gained widespread adoption than before. Data is growing exponentially, and intelligence and analytics tools are also increasing manifold. But the concern with business users is that they are bombarded with insights and dashboards filled with data points. Traditionally, operational reports and performance were considered the best means to understand the business, but these were mostly filled with numbers. Users still have to analyze them, and it is not so easy if they lack context.

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Data Storytelling – Creating an influencing story

Data Visualizations and analytics are great for insights and can provide good pointers. But, more often than not, your business users need insights into the language they understand and use.

Our narrative science solution Genie transforms data-based analysis into easy visual and impactful narratives. Historically humans get connected to great storytelling, and with heaps of data, data storytelling can put a contextual perspective and create maximum impact.

Our Solution – Genie

Genie provides you with the best insights from your data by delivering personalized narratives that help you with effective decision-making.

Design the future

Genie empowers users with data forecasts and insights that allow business users to take actions that will impact the future.

Empower everyone

Simple narratives create a common ground for everyone to access data for decision-making without the need to be an analytical expert.

Create personalized insights

Genie provides a daily digest of actionable data into the inbox of every business user on any device.

Accelerate decision making

It frees up business users from the compulsion to dig into complex dashboards to derive the necessary data points, thereby allowing them to make data-driven decisions in less time.

Separate signal from noise

Today, dashboards, charts, and data visualizations can be overwhelming, often creating more noise and doing more harm than good. Genie helps you cut through that noise by identifying the signals and bringing the required data story to the forefront.

Save time, money, and resources.

Enterprises are in a race to create dashboards, reports whereas data practitioners have observed that the business users never consume 80% of them. With Genie, we remove the need to create reports which never get consumed while focusing on answering the questions raised by the business users through our data stories.

Genie – Our Narrative Science Techniques

  • A Few Statistics: While crafting the data story, we ensure that the numbers and statistics usage are limited to a vital few. At times, it may be a single statistic that connects to your audience, but we ensure maximum impact.
  • Focused Data Story: You might have loads of data to communicate, but the data story we communicate is simple with directed actions and crafted around the proper context.
  • Context And Target Audience: Context is crucial when communicating the ‘why’s of your insights. A clear understanding of the target audience and their preferences while looking at the insights can help us better craft impactful data stories.
  • Intuitive Visualizations: The best message can be delivered if the data is analyzed with the best perspective and data visualization technique. The improper visualization and analytics techniques may lead to in wrong business direction. Our experts are well-versed in data visualization and analytics to ensure that your message is not lost.

Why Genie?

  • Developed by Data Practitioners with multiple industry experience
  • Quickly builds the Insight-driven culture in an enterprise
  • High RoI with low tech debt