Patient Healthcare Analytics

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Patient Healthcare Analytics Solutions

Technology advances have provided health care organizations with myriad disparate systems from which to obtain information. The volume of available data and the need to capture and process it have exploded in recent years, from revenue cycle systems and supply chain management to human resource systems and data warehouses.

Each new wave of innovation claims to simplify or streamline a process that the previous wave had supposedly made efficient or effective. To weather the storm, health care organizations require analytics to understand the threats and challenges they face and to identify opportunities to improve and expand.

Big Data analytics can improve patient outcomes, advance and personalize care, improve provider relationships with patients, and reduce medical spending.

Patient Healthcare Analytics
Patient Healthcare Analytics

At Saxon, we help healthcare institutions to reimagine patient engagement by focusing on three areas:

  • Gathering patient insights through advanced analytics and big data, behavioral economics to identify an unmet need, and online patient communities and social listening
  • Use data to create better engagement across the patient journey in places patients frequent (for example, through social media and via engagement of patient opinion leaders such as bloggers) and supported using behavior change tools, treatment support, and decision aids.
  • Patient data and evidence generation through real-time data capture and feedback via wearables and sensors; real-world data and patient-reported outcomes; and patient-centered trials (for example, site-less trials, wraparound support).