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Sales Analytics Solutions

Sophisticated sales organizations now can combine, sift, and sort vast troves of data to develop highly efficient strategies for selling into micro markets. B2B sales organizations have only recently begun to use big data to inform overall strategy, and tailor sales pitch for specific customers in real-time. Yet, the payoff is enormous. In fact, we’ve found that micro-market strategy is perhaps the most powerful new application of big data analytics in B2B sales.

For Business users, we help to

  • Analyze pipeline opportunities to determine actions required to meet sales targets
  • Determine which products and customer segments generate the most revenue
  • Understand which competitors are faced most often and how to win against them
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within existing accounts
  • Sales Analytics
    Sales Analytics

    Boost The Sales Team Performance

    Saxon specializes in creating advanced analytics solutions, converting data into actionable, brilliant insights to transform and optimize various areas of our client’s businesses.

    Our clients have witnessed significant salesforce effectiveness, reduced costs, and mitigated risks to outperform competitors by leveraging our sales analytics solutions.

    We provide customized solutions and approaches as per our client’s needs. Our solutions enable you to see sales from a different vantage point by integrating relevant data from all corners of your organization like marketing, sales, HR, service, operations, finance etc.

    We help IT users, to:

  • Accelerate deployment of sales analytics to both connected and remote users
  • Reduce implementation cost and risk through integrated analytic solutions
  • Integrate data from multiple enterprise sources and across the company value chain
  • Flexibly adapt to changing business needs by leveraging, not replacing, existing technology investments
  • Deliver better business results and rapid time to value