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Microsoft Power Platform / March, 16 2023

Top 5 ways to enhance your business with Power Platform

In this quickly evolving economy, enterprises endeavor to be more productive and efficient to stay afloat and competitive. The crucial aspect of delivering optimized results is getting the right technology and methodology combined with business goals. The key is doing more with less. Gartner listed Microsoft Power Platform as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. 

Conversely, businesses are struggling with technical debt. There is a growing need for enterprises to address tech debt proactively and continuously. Building line-of-business apps with low code and at a lower cost can effectively address the collective debt.  

Low-code application platforms rescue in both situations by providing an automation layer between business logic and underlying technology. Besides, there is an urgent need to develop tools that are tailored to the business’s specific needs and that too quickly.  

Microsoft Power Platform, a low-code development platform, is effectively helping organizations reduce technical debt while building custom applications without extensive coding. Moreover, Microsoft Power Platform assures everyone, from the CEO to the front lines of sales, can access, analyze and act on the business data. In this blog, we want to discuss Power Platform and address the five ways it enhances businesses. 

What is a Power Platform? 

Microsoft Power Platform is a cloud-based service offering a comprehensive range of tools and services to create and deploy unique applications. Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents are part of the Azure-based Power Platform. Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that allows users to self-serve data visualization and reporting. Users can create unique business applications using the low-code application development platform known as Power Apps. Users can automate business operations using Power Automate, a cloud-based workflow solution. Power Virtual Agents enables users to create chatbots without coding or AI expertise. All these cloud-based services work seamlessly together, benefitting the users, regardless of their tech-ability, to access the related data and develop custom business applications. 

Benefits of Power Platform in businesses 

Power Platform will make an organization more agile and efficient in its operations and boost it to stand out among the competition. Having a suite of tools that operate on a single platform and the fact that non-developers can use the tools, we can figure out that the benefits will be manifold for Power Platform. Let us look at the benefits for an organization that Power Platform provides. 

Enhanced agility and efficiency

Microsoft Power Platform empowers organizations to operate much faster and more efficiently in their business operations. Because of the platform’s low-code development environment, businesses may create new applications and features more quickly using canvas and model-driven apps. Thanks to the platform’s cloud-based deployment methodology, organizations may rapidly and easily install features and apps.

Improved decision making

Power Platform’s business intelligence and data visualization capabilities can benefit enterprises in improving their decision-making skills. Users have access to self-service data visualization and reporting tools with Power BI, which can aid enterprises in understanding their business operations. Organizations can also create custom applications using the platform’s low-code development environment, which can assist them in streamlining and automating their business operations. 

Reduced costs

Power Platform can help reduce application development and deployment expenses. Organizations can create apps using the platform’s low-code environment without spending a fortune on software licensing or hardware resources. Additionally, its cloud-based deployment approach does away with the requirement for businesses to spend money on on-premises infrastructure.

Increased customer engagement

By enabling businesses to create tailored applications that address the unique requirements of their clients, the Power Platform may help businesses enhance customer engagement. Organizations may easily design and launch custom apps because of the platform’s low-code development environment. Also, enterprises may quickly deploy apps to customers thanks to the platform’s cloud-based deployment mechanism.

Enhanced employee productivity

Organizations may increase employee productivity by automating business operations courtesy – of the Power Platform. Organizations can create unique applications from the platform’s low-code development environment to improve staff productivity. Users can automate corporate operations using the cloud-based workflow application Power Automate.

Power Platform transforming businesses

Being a unique suite of business services, Power Platform democratizes and unifies all the data. It equips an organization’s tech and non-tech users with a dynamic way to analyze data, act on freshly generated insights, deliver personalization, and automate business processes. 

Power Platform’s Microsoft AI Builder 

Now, let us come to the new and fantastic feature of Power Platform- Microsoft AI Builder. Microsoft AI Builder helps affix AI to applications and adds abilities to automate processes without extensive AI knowledge. Thanks to low code, it further revolutionizes AI for everyone in the organization. According to Microsoft, AI Builder can reduce development expenses and effort by up to 70%. Furthermore, AI Builder comes along with Power Apps and Power Automate, which benefits the organization and its teams with much greater efficiency. There are prebuilt models for many common business scenarios to choose from, or one can create custom models tailored to their requirements with AI Builder. The Power Apps AI Builder comes with five unique capabilities. They are binary classification, text classification, object detection, business card reader, and form processing. 

Features of AI Builder enhancing business 

Let us explore how you can leverage these features to create automated, intelligent workflows to boost productivity and encourage innovation. 

Binary classification

Binary Classification is an AI model that uses previous data trends and results to forecast yes/no outcomes. You can apply this in various ways to create robust business applications. For instance, one can predict a customer’s purchase intent and determine if the customer will generate revenue based on online activities. 

Text classification

The text Classification model recognizes critical information within a given text. A strong use case is in customer support. This feature can be used in doing sentiment analysis. 

Object detection

This feature allows the user to count, locate and identify objects within images. The use cases of this feature are many, such as inventory management and many more. 

Business card reader

The user can create a custom application with a Business card reader and collect vital information from business card images and record the data. One can add other automation features and extend the capability as well.

Form processing

This feature extracts information from forms or structured documents and stores the data. It is very advantageous in automating invoices or tax forms.

Take Away 

Businesses of all sizes can now benefit from artificial intelligence by leveraging Microsoft Power Platform, and its feature AI Builder. The ground-breaking technology enables non-programmers to create intelligent workflows and business process automation with little to no code. Also, you can involve your front-line employees and business analysts in developing innovative processes that enhance business results. Are you looking for fusion teams with Microsoft Power Platform? Get started with the journey today.

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