Cognitive Services Assessment

Build intelligent applications with AI capabilities from Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services allows users to build intelligent applications powered by AI capabilities without machine learning expertise. The pre-trained AI models and the set of pre-built AI capabilities in the Azure Cognitive Services enables you to build customized AI solutions in no time. Moreover, these tools work across programming languages and platforms, improving your productivity and reducing your coding efforts.

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Azure Cognitive Services provides AI-driven speech analysis, language, vision, and decision-making capabilities that can be embedded with Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Platform to enhance functionality and flexibility.

We at Saxon can accelerate your time to value with our Cognitive Services POC implementation in just two weeks. Our Azure consultants will quickly understand your business challenges with a Cognitive Services assessment and help you visualize the AI-powered future.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services at a Glance

Decision APIs for rapid and smart decisions

An anomaly detector helps detect abnormalities, a content moderator monitors offensive content, and a personalizer provides rich experience powered by reinforcement learning.

Language APIs for translation and unstructured data analysis

Language detection about the text given, sentiment analysis and text analysis powered by NLP, and text translation for over 60+ languages.

Speech analysis with Speech APIs

Speech-to-text conversion and text-to-speech, advanced capabilities for real-time speech translation, and the Speech Recognition API enable identification and audio verification.

Video and image analysis with Vision APIs

Automatic text extraction powered by Form Recognizer, Ink Recognizer for handwritten text extraction, image recognition, and Video indexer for inputs about videos.

Custom web search

Auto suggestions, custom search, and other advanced search options to enable the user to narrow down the search results

How can Saxon help you?

Organizations can leverage our expertise with Azure Cognitive Services to implement a Cognitive services POC in just two weeks.

Why Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services?

Intuitive user experience
Reduced development efforts
More focus on data security
Easy to adopt

No Machine Learning capabilities are required

Rapid insights

Vision APIs computer vision and similar services

Improves productivity

Automated text extraction, speech capabilities, and NLP

Support across platforms

Windows, iOS, and Android

What do we do?

Our experts rely on a consultative approach to design the best cognitive solution for your needs.

  • Step 1
    Cognitive Services Assessment
    Initiate a workshop with key stakeholders to understand the business goals, challenges, and outcomes.
  • Step 2
    Develop Cognitive Services based on the assessment in ten days.
  • Step 3
    Cognitive Services POC
  • Step 4
    Feedback and deployment
  • Step 5
    Create dashboards with Power BI to visualize the POC functionality.

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