Microsoft Synapse Accelerator program

Enhance your data landscape to match the immediate business intelligence and data prediction needs. With the new age machine learning and business intelligence capabilities, you can now enable the discovery of large data volumes and maximize value for your business with less time and worry.

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Microsoft Azure synapse analytics gives the enterprise data world a unified experience to ingest, explore, prepare, transform, manage and serve data to bring out the best analytics.

Azure Synapse is Microsoft’s new modern data platform solution with the best price-performance ratio in the market. Synapse is the only cloud-native analytics service that makes data warehousing, machine learning, real-time analytics, and data visualization available within a unified data platform environment.

Why Azure Synapse

Limitless Scale

Unmatched data privacy and Security

Unified analytics experience

Code-free hybrid data integration

Explore and validate the possibilities of Synapse through InsightBox. With the help of InsightBox, you can make a well-founded consideration for your new modern data platform based on the compatibility of systems, architecture principles, and technical and business requirements.

Derive Insights into:

  • 1
    The Technology feasibility
  • 2
    The functional feasibility
  • 3
    Adoption of Synapse within the team
  • 4
    The added value to your use case

Experience the power of a new unified cloud analytics platform

Azure Synapse services

Enterprise Data infrastructure provisioning

Streaming ingestion and analytics

Rapid dashboard development

Integrated AI and BI

Data flow management

Data modeling

Migration and integration

How does it work?

InsightBox is a Synapse sandbox that allows you to build, run & test Microsoft Synapse for your business requirements.

Day 1

Program Kick-off, where we define the scope and success criteria of the POC (Proof of Concept)

Day 2-4

Insight Box roll out on demo or own data

Day 5-6

Training and support by our experts Architects

Day 7

Evaluation of the defined success criteria, Reduced time to market with the rollout of SynapseMake use of Saxon.AI and Microsoft's

How will it help

  • Reduced time to market with the rollout of Synapse
  • Make use of Saxon.AI and Microsoft’s best practices
  • Jointly define and evaluate success criteria
  • Support by Microsoft Synapse Architect
  • Free training and knowledge transfer of Microsoft Synapse
  • Ready-to-use demo environment for your data set
  • Get started hands-on with Synapse right away
  • Tailored advice