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We are here to build a scalable conversational enterprise on Microsoft Teams, the new enterprise OS.

Transform your enterprise interaction with AI chatbots to deliver an automated and personalized experience. We deliver exceptional personalized total experiences with Conversational AI today.

According to IDC, AI will become the new user interface by redefining user experiences by 2024. Over 50% of user interactions will be serviced by computer vision, speech, natural language, and AR/VR (IDC).

With the right conversational AI platform, enterprises are realizing the below benefits

2x Uptick in employee efficiency
10x Conversions vs. tradition digital
20% Boost in customer satisfaction
90% Automation containmentrates
50% Decrease in agent attrition rates
Why Chatbots

Why Chatbots?

Chatbot for Agents

For Agents

  • Productivity growth
  • Eliminate time consuming tasks
  • Triage requests
  • Intelligent handover to agents
  • Seamless customer experience
  • More meaningful leads and sales
Chatbot for Enterprise

For Enterprise

  • Reduced TAT
  • Productivity gain
  • Save time and money
  • Enhanced experience
  • Better business ROI
  • Automates multiple business processes
  • Gain insights from customer/employee data
Chatbot for IT

For IT

  • Lower call volumes
  • Enable information access on the move
  • 24×7 support with instant response
  • Less dependency on IT
  • Organized data, analytics and recommendations

Automate your contact center with AI powered chatbots

Concept to execution in 5 days

Automate your contact center with AI powered chatbots Automate your contact center with AI powered chatbots Automate your contact center with AI powered chatbots

Common Chatbot Uses

Chatbots are transforming the enterprise landscape, addressing a variety of use cases and various process automation needs across verticals, such as:

  • FAQ bot
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Employee experience agent
  • Virtual Sales assistance
  • Customer experience assistant
  • Helpdesk agent
  • Travel assistant
  • Finance services bot

Incorporate chatbots in existing process

Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft teams

If you are among the 270 million monthly active users of Teams, your employees can now use deploy and interact with chatbots easily

Dynamics 365Dynamics 365

Connect both text and voice conversation in Dynamics 365 and handover to the human agent when in need.

Power AutomatePower Automate

Your bot can now trigger an action by calling the automation flow. Why just train them when they can call an action.

Extend to AzureExtend to Azure

Eliminate the need for additional resources and configure chatbot for advanced complex scenarios.

Why Saxon?

  • You can benefit from a multidisciplinary team ranging from analysts and software developers to visual designers
  • An efficient implementation as our teams has project experience in a wide variety of sectors including financial services, retail and public sector
  • A consistent user experience and customer satisfaction as you can rely on a team of conversational AI specialists – You can rely on SAXONAI strong partnerships to keep up with the latest technological advancements
  • Accelerated throughput time with our frameworks and accelerators
  • Generic bot conversation flow, Automated deployment templates, KPI and Insights dashboard and much more.

Get started with building your enterprise chatbot now.

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