Quality Engineering

Achieve high quality at high speed, the critical success factor for application adoption and customer delight.

Traditional approaches to application testing shifted many facets with the shift-left approach, DevOps, DevSecOps, and intelligent automation. Application testing timelines changed from months to weeks. The continuous delivery ecosystem with testing and development in sync and the vast amounts of test data have changed the quality engineers’ paradigm.

These new trends shape the vision for Quality Engineering function – speed, agility with productivity, and improved business performance. Our Quality Engineering services focus on improving your time to market with modern engineering practices and emerging technologies.

Challenges with current Quality Engineering function

Transformation of QA strategies to evolving tech stack

Continuous delivery and continuous improvement in quality

The changing paradigm of faster time to market and rapid deployments

Enhancing the business value with informed decision-making

Our Quality Engineering Services

Digital Assurance and Testing Strategy

Digital Assurance and Testing Strategy

Comprehensive enterprise strategy to provide scalable, reusable test assets, automation and an intelligent data-driven approach for Digital Assurance

Shift-left Testing

Shift-left Testing

Early security, Code-driven testing, Code quality, and test coverage analysis; requirements and infrastructure testing



DevOps, DevSecOps, Test cycle Optimization and intelligent data-driven test processes



Continuous test automation – Behavior-driven testing (BDD), AI, and ML, aligning with enterprise automation and test case optimization

Specialized Testing Services

Data Quality and ETL Testing

Data Quality
and ETL Testing

Business logic, data sources, data consistency, data complexity, and testing across source, target, and stage databases. ETL logic, boundary conditions, and logic behind errors

Dashboards/Reports Testing


Business hierarchies, report navigation, drill downs, report alerts/notifications, business process validation, test case execution, defect analysis

Integration Testing


Business rules validation, end-to-end systems testing, API testing, outbound interface validation, and integration of downstream data

AI Assurance

AI Assurance

Algorithm validation, data quality assessment, data bias, model monitoring, and validation

Cloud Migration Assurance

Cloud Migration

Performance and Automation advisory, data and security assurance, scalability test, and business assurance

Business Value – Quality Engineering Services

  • Accelerated time to market
  • High availability of digital applications
  • Decrease in UAT effort
  • Improved customer experience and user experience

Why Saxon?

  • Quality Engineering experts with broad capabilities and testing DNA
  • In-depth understanding of business verticals, industry needs and processes
  • AI-led transformation is our DNA; comprehensive testing and AI capabilities
  • Specialized testing services across the data to insights lifecycle

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