Open Source Technologies

Riding Digital Transformation using Open Source Technologies

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies into all business areas, fundamentally changing the way customers are acquired, serviced, and retained. But, it is more than just a technology transformation as it includes:

Cultural changes – new ways of working together and building organizations.

Agile Process – new ways of doing things across both IT and the business.

Next-Generation Architecture – new ways of developing, building, and integrating systems & applications.

The digital transformation is unique to every business and therefore needs a bespoke approach. Consequently, it requires a strategy that encompasses people and processes that align with the technology. The case for such a digital transformation has only hastened in the last couple of months, which means businesses must adapt to the new digital mindset. In other words, companies need to shift and make continuous, iterative changes to remain competitive by staying relevant. The first step is to bust some of the myths that exist around Digital transformation, which are:

  1. Digital transformation will take place despite IT.
  2. Digital transformation matters to mainly technology and B2C companies
  3. The time has not arrived in our industry and my business for digital transformation. 

Many organizations are unprepared for the digital transformation, and hence the next step is to know where we are and learn whether we have to maintain, optimize, or innovate. It could broadly take place through: 

  1. Gain efficiency by IT optimization
  2. Improve productivity by agile integration
  3. Move faster by using Cloud and Mobile Apps.
  4. Achieve scale by IT Automation and Management 

As we are recovering from the current situation, we have to determine how the technology choices we make will help us to:

  1. Emerge out successfully – by adopting new technology that can transform
  2. Accelerate transformation to become a leader
  3. Help us innovate to stay as a leader continuously.

Why Open Source technologies?

Demands for efficiency, agility, and innovation require technologies that can bring all of them together. Open Source provides better solutions by making both demand and generation possible :

  1. Collaboration fosters innovation
  2. Shared Problems are solved faster.
  3. Working together creates necessary standardization.
  4. Transparency provides both access and the ability to act. 

Open-source technologies have a community-powered approach for building interoperable, flexible, and scalable platforms which are : 

  1. User-Centric
  2. Cloud Hosted
  3. API-centric
  4. Microservices Driven

Here are a few questions us to consider before we set on the digital transformation journey.

  1. What disruptive competitive threats are we experiencing?
  2. What new entrants are in the market place?
  3. In what ways are you looking to establish competitive differentiation through digital services? 
  4. How ready are you to take advantage of digital opportunities?


Hari is a Digital Marketer and Digital transformation specialist. He is adept at cultivating strong executive and customer relationships, utilizing data across all interactions (customers, employees, services, products) to lead cross-functionally as a strategic thought partner to install discipline, process, and methodology into a scalable company-wide customer-centric model. He has 18+ year's experience in Customer Acquisition, Product Strategy, Sales & Pre-Sales Management, Customer Success, Operations Management He is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate with MBA in International Business and Information Technology.