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Multiple Clouds Strategy is The Future of Cloud Solutions

Innovation in cloud technology is not confined to one or a few cloud service providers. Some enterprises work on this principle, and therefore they believe in having multiple clouds strategy. Hybrid and multiple cloud usage are growing at rocket speed. There are plenty of reasons to have Multiple clouds strategy.

Utilize the capabilities of each cloud:

Having workloads in multiple clouds enables customers to utilize the best services offered by each cloud provider. While one cloud solution provider may offer a good storage option, another may offer better developer solutions. Thus, enterprises can have the best breed approach to have the best features of each cloud provider instead of relying on one cloud provider for all cloud needs. 

Mitigate the Risk (Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket)

Several enterprises hesitate to rely heavily on a single cloud solutions provider. If one cloud provider stops/cancels the services, you value, what happens then. Therefore, enterprises are focused on diversifying the clouds. It further prevents lock-in and mitigates the risk. Cloud technology investments are very challenging. Therefore selecting the best platform that sustains for a more extended period is essential to fuel the growth. 

If you merge and acquire another organization:

Merging companies is not as simple as putting all the workforce and move some apps. Nowadays, merger deals involve significant technology investment as well for both parties. During the deal, organizations unexpectedly inherit new cloud infrastructures. Thus, having multiple cloud infrastructures will help you to integrate different cloud infrastructure during the deals quickly. 


Multiple clouds give you the flexibility to choose each cloud provider’s best features, depending on your business requirements. Every business is unique, so is their technology requirements. You cannot lock-in for longer with one cloud provider while your competitors benefit from other cloud providers. 

Cost Savings:

When you opt for the multiple clouds approach, you can choose the solutions with the lowest cost. The current cloud technology market is highly competitive. Enterprises can easily avail of cost-effective cloud solutions. 

According to reports, 64% of enterprises suggested cost savings as one of the significant objectives of adopting cloud technology in 2019. 

“As per Gartner’s report, 75% of enterprises will have a hybrid or multi-cloud model by 2020.”  

Enterprises need to invest in technologies that solve their unique business challenges. The better utilization of cloud technology’s current competitive market will be the core of success for enterprises. Every cloud provider is coming up with something more innovative and useful for organizations in one way or another. Therefore, some organizations are also adopting the hybrid cloud strategy to streamline their multi-clouds approach.

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