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Microsoft Power Platform / September, 27 2022

Enhance Employee Experience (EX) with Microsoft Power Platform + SAXON

Is employee experience a big deal? The covid- 19 pandemic has brought a shift in what employees focus on in a job and how they work. Moreover, employee experience has taken a front seat while compensation, growth, and other benefits have taken the back seats. Research shows that the employee experience directly impacts the employees’ productivity and their stay in the company. Gartner predicts that only 13% of employees are satisfied with their work. 

Today’s workforce demands an employee-first culture and better experience owing to the value they add to an organization. This drives employers to redesign and remodel the conventional models to maintain a competitive position in the talent market. In the journey to enhance the total experience, the most common questions enterprises come across are 

What should organizations do to retain talented employees?

How to treat employees as internal customers?

Employee experience (EX) is the interactions employees have in their day-to-day work and the contexts that influence those interactions. To improve EX, organizations should adopt new technologies that will simplify and improve employee productivity and engagement. Let’s dig into the details to learn why organizations should focus on EX and what they get in return.

Importance of focusing on EX

Organizations that focus on improving EX are likely to experience the following benefits. They are

Reduced employee turnover

  • Gartner predicts that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies 
  • Bureau of National Affairs states that companies lose around $11 Billion annually due to employee turnover 

Employee turnover can be disastrous to a business. Hiring, onboarding, and additional training are all expensive. The consequences can be catastrophic when an employee leaves after only a few months, not merely in monetary losses but also in cultural impact. Investing in EX is one method of retaining employees and avoiding the adverse effects of repetitive disruption.

Improved performance

  • Studies show happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees.

Increasing employee engagement requires modeling a work environment that allows employees to perform at their best. This includes providing the appropriate technology, cultivating a positive culture, and creating an environment accommodating employees’ working styles. When all three are in place, employees work harder and innovate more quickly.

Attract better talent

Attracting talent is a primary concern for most enterprises, which face a diminishing pool of bright sparks. Companies compete more than ever to attract the best talent, and the battle is often won based on EX. A global skills shortage affects many industries, meaning employees can be pickier about where they want to work. 

Better customer experience

Customer satisfaction is higher in companies that provide a “great employee experience.” Employees were more innovative and proactive, resulting in better products and services.

Customers notice when your employees are engaged in their work and satisfied with their jobs. Furthermore, employees who take pride in their work are willing to go the extra mile for their customers instead of half-hearted responses and minimal-effort approaches. Give to them, and they will reciprocate.

High ROI

  • Harvard Business Review states that companies that invest in EX perform 2X times better than companies that don’t.

Finally, a positive EX equals money. When you consider the factors like increased productivity, improved customer service, better talent, and less disruption – it’s easy to see how investing in EX generates significant returns. The facts are that the more effort you put into your employees, the more value they will give you back.

How SAXON can help you enhance employee experience?

One prime area that contributes significantly more to EX is the Human resource (HR). HR leaders feel enhancing EX is a cumulative task.

Traditional HR solutions concentrate on workplace programs or processes. However, a more comprehensive and holistic approach may require rebuilding how organizations manage people today. As companies’ recent focus on culture and engagement suggests, realizing the workforce’s full potential may require placing employees at the focus and tailoring their journey from the recruit till they leave the firm to offer better engagement and improved employee experience.

Gartner estimates 

  • 69% expect more intelligent systems in their workplace
  • 77% expect more accessible options to complete repetitive tasks
  • 69% expect personalization in the communication

Research shows that 73% of HR leaders agree that designing and delivering a quality EX is a shared responsibility of multiple functions, requiring solid partnerships inside the organization. Digitizing HR processes and adopting new technologies for hassle-free HR processes seem to increase the employee experience.

At SAXON, we help organizations improve their employee experience with our solution accelerator that focuses on providing an intelligent and digital onboarding experience. We believe offering the best onboarding experience to the employee will be the first step towards enhanced employee experience. 



Adopting the best-in-class capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform, here we present Onboardn, SAXON’s solution accelerator for smart onboarding and enhanced employee experience from day 1. Now you can provide the best onboarding experience on Microsoft teams – the new enterprise OS. Onboarding comes with the capability of incorporating it on Microsoft teams where your team meets.

It aims to improve the total experience of the employees, emphasize employee satisfaction, create a happy workplace and culture, enhance employee loyalty, and create space for interactions. 


Onboard is AI-driven to provide a completely tailored onboarding experience. With Onboardn you can provide a hassle-free, organized onboarding experience creating an impressive start to a new beginning.

What’s even better is the in-built chatbot assistant BO. It provides highly tailored interactions to the user and assists them at any time.


How can Onboardn improve the employee experience? From day 1, Onboard will provide all the necessary information to the employee, ensuring smooth onboarding and settling. After onboarding, it will interact with the employee to know more about them and connect them with people in their team for more interactions. To know more about Onboardn and to adopt it for your organization, get in touch with us for a query or a 1:1 demo.

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