Leveraging Power Platform
Healthcare, Microsoft Power Platform / February, 06 2023

Leveraging Power Platform to transform healthcare

Healthcare providers worldwide constantly strive to find ways to provide better patient care and enhance the patient experience. The patients of today’s world are well-informed, and most have access to technology at their fingertips. In this blog, we will take you through how healthcare organizations can enhance healthcare operations and deliver better care by leveraging Power Platform and Power Apps. Being a low-code application development platform, it enables rapid app development, agility, and excellent business proficiency. According to research by Gartner, around 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low code by 2025.

Transformation of Healthcare

As is the situation with any field, healthcare was slowly transforming and adopting digital practices. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic drastically changed the dynamics as it brought about a screeching halt to in-person interactions with doctors owing to the precautionary measures. Healthcare opened its arms to rapid digitization to facilitate healthcare delivery. Even after the pandemic, patients /consumers have warmly welcomed the digital healthcare transformation. A seemingly complex task, leveraging Power Platform, and PowerApps have made the transition much more manageable. Healthcare companies can improve patient experience, make their operations more efficient, and coordinate care and inter-department communications with ease.

What are PowerApps?

Microsoft PowerApps is a collection of apps that facilitate a fast development environment for creating customized apps for any organization. Leveraging PowerApps, an organization can transform the tedious manual processes everyone hates into smoothly operated digital processes. Moreover, the organization can customize the apps according to their requirements. Coming to the healthcare sector, having tailor-made apps developed to suit the patients’/consumers’ demands can enrich the patient experience.

How can PowerApps help in healthcare?

The healthcare industry generates a staggering amount of data every day. The data is fragmented and stored in various locations, and much of it is unfit to use leading to loss of value.

Leveraging Power Platform and PowerApps, healthcare providers can access the data easily to have the insights they need. The valuable insights will enable them to save money as well as enhance the patient care and experience. They can use the same to analyse and identify gaps in the delivery of healthcare and forecast the requirements for further resources.

Some examples of Power Apps in Healthcare

Let us see the numerous ways in which the healthcare industry can leverage Power App to enhance the overall experience of all the stakeholders:

  1. Simple orders/forms

The sales team is usually required to visit the clients’ sites and have the data handy at their fingertips. With PowerApps, it is very convenient for the sales team to check stock levels, complete sales orders and have the complete client information as well from their mobile devices. One benefit of PowerApps is that it can be used on the move.

  1. Enhance Customer experience:

Integrating PowerApps can help engage the customers in an industry where customer engagement is challenging. By building an app that will allow the customers to look into the latest insights, stay up to date on events and receive communication on new product launches, engaging customers is easier. Organisations can also observe who the users are, and identify the maximum engaged customers.

  1. Product information:

Having correct product information is a requisite, especially for pharmacies and sales team. Using PowerApps, a healthcare organization can rapidly build an app that determines a product’s attributes and the necessary information. It will also allow the customers and the healthcare sales team to have easy access to the product information making the process transparent.

  1. Communications:

Using the PowerApps planner and mobile applications, frontline healthcare staff can seamlessly track essential data points and communicate their requirements.

Some use cases are:

  • Notify the present condition of the equipment in use.
  • Track the supplies in each section of the healthcare facility and the rate at which they are used.
  • Request additional staff according to urgency, responsibility, and department.
  • Track and report particular illnesses (such as Covid-19 positive cases)
  1. Patient registration:

By setting up a patient registration app in which patients can register themselves and also store all their relevant medical information safely and securely is an effective use case of PowerApps in healthcare. Giving the doctors access to the patient information in a much-structured way via the app is not only easier but also smoother as the practitioner can focus their endeavours in more relevant areas.

  1. Manage simple resource requests:

Although the demand for more resources is always there in hospitals and clinics, PowerApps can enable an uncomplicated way of managing resource requests. The staff can report outdated equipment for replacement and request new products. The app can have an approval process and filter options, making the entire process simpler and more efficient.

  1. Capture meetings:

Deciphering the notes of a meeting can be a troublesome and time-consuming task. By developing a meeting capture App from PowerApps, the medical fraternity can easily take notes, upload, attach photos, and direct emails with tasks to the attendees. Not just saving time, but it allows health care professionals to focus on their apt tasks.

  1. Employee onboarding:

Onboarding usually involves various departments, which leads to approval delays. Moreover, new joiners usually have to delve through a lot of paperwork and wait for equipment. All these can be solved with PowerApps, as you can create smooth workflows that ensure the new joiners have everything to execute their work. Integrating various data involving policies, standard operating procedures, forms, and contacts in a single platform will simplify the entire onboarding process and make it smoother.

Power BI in the healthcare sector

Power BI is a cloud-based analytics service that furnishes a complete and integrated view of crucial data allowing users to observe the performance of the business using live dashboards. From generating visual and interactive reports to providing business intelligence, it provides users with data analytics in a user-friendly environment.

Specially in the healthcare industry, Power BI can give a cost-effective way of providing valuable insights needed to improve patient care and reduce costs, all the while being compliant with rules and regulations. Healthcare organizations can look into their own data with better visibility and have the necessary insights for key performance indicators. Leveraging Power BI, the healthcare organization can monitor vital quality indicators such as admissions, emergency cases, the number of patients, the average length of patient stay, and the cost/spending.

Why use Power BI in healthcare sector?

In healthcare, organizations usually track everything, ranging from patient satisfaction to staffing schedules, patient waiting time and much more, making the data quite complicated. Power BI allows to generate detailed, understandable analytics which helps in finding pivotal trends.

Some examples:

  1. Healthcare professionals can easily access data across the board and provide timely responses, especially in emergencies.
  2. Integrating Power BI within the existing portals and hospital apps can provide the healthcare team with data that will empower their day-to-day decision-making.
  3. Safeguard the data and ensure compliance while providing access to the healthcare team.
  4. Enhance the understanding of complicated data.
  5. Produce vital clinical insight seamlessly.
  6. Manage data easily across various departments.

How to get started with Power Platform?

Are you a healthcare provider and want to know how Power BI and PowerApps can help your organization? From reducing costs to improving patient care and at the same time following strict compliance regulations, leveraging Power platform can benefit in multiple ways. Contact us at Saxon for a demonstration today.

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